PressTV still funny after all these years


PressTV the US based Iranian propaganda outfit has crossed my path again.

This time they floated a poorly worded lie fest regards US surveillance ops in Africa and have implicated the Swiss government and falsely so.

From the piece:

The United States will expand its aerial surveillance operations across Africa by the use of Swiss unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Switzerland’s media report.

Actually the Swiss are not big UAV’s makers and in fact are planning to purchase one from Israel. They do manufacture an internationally appreciated kick ass single prop plane called the PC 12.

The USAF does indeed have Swiss built PC 12’s and they call them U 28’s. They are MANNED planes that are typically found in the command of USAF Special Ops and are indeed focused on surveillance. The US does indeed have them in Africa,specifically in Djibouti at a growing footprint base named Camp Lemonnier.

Press TV story

Clearly my little piss ant post shows better journalistic integrity. Sad seeing how many gobble up the propaganda from the haters.