Because oil is and will be our reality for some time to come….


I offer yet another wake up call to the masses. ( not that in2thefray actually reaches the masses but heh)

Iran and Iraq are in open alliance within OPEC,along with Venezuela they dominate the “price hawks” party in the organization and are a key threat to US security. How fucking ironic is that whence viewed through the prism of the rhetoric and actions of the past decade + ?

In case one is curious an OPEC price hawk is a member that needs oil to be priced at above $100./barrel. The opposition to the price hawks consists of the Gulf States members lead by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. To say there is friction now and in the future between the two camps is a gross understatement.

A blessing of sorts for the USA is that our northern neighbor has on offer a dependable reserve of the black gold. Canada is a non-nationalized non OPEC member state that is more than willing to partner in the marketplace with her cousins to the south. It is an opportunity America should not forsake.

Coal and gas are far from the green utopia many want but they are two fuel sources that offer America a bevy of possibilities. From the production of electricity to the conversion to liquid fuel the two offer a purely domestic source of affordable and exciting potential for the US economy and energy needs.

So there it is folks. A quick hit post that hits upon a number of issues. Cheers!