The pending irrelevancy of Black America.


There is a lot of talk about the changing demographics of the United States. Often this talk is overly racist in its presentation and other times overly optimistic from the left of center types regards the demise of conservative politics. One thing is for sure though. Demographics are shifting and the one group that is sure to get the short end of the stick is black America.

I wanted this post to be so much more than it is. Time and energy are not on my side so my “brilliant” opener is all I’ve got. Suffice to say I can back up my opinion. The fact that black America has pretty much stagnated demographically,has long since fell under the category of taken for granted politically and quite frankly failed to shake the many negatives tagged onto the community as a whole all help in assuring its irrelevancy.

The other sure nail in the coffin is the growing population of hispanics. This group is energetic and diverse. So there it is. Sorry if the read wastes your time.



  1. Rutherford says:

    Well there certainly are some depths to plumb, left unplumbed. I can think of all sorts of corollaries to your claim such as, more specifically, the NAACP has become irrelevant. One could also say after the legal and symbolic triumph of the civil rights movement, Black America quickly became irrelevant.

    The other day I saw an “education guru” say that the state of public schools right now not only defy Brown v BOE Topeka but also defy Plessy. Not only is segregation still the de facto phenom, we don’t even have separate but equal. (This may also play into your other post regarding public ed.)

    The other area to explore is to what degree is changing demographics and legislative ennui to blame and to what extent is lack of initiative on the part of Black America to blame for its growing irrelevancy?

    Also what are the consequences of this growing irrelevancy?

    Lots to discuss. I hope another of your black readers besides me, pipes in. I’d love to hear some perspectives on this.

  2. jonolan says:

    Yeah, Alfie; it’s what the race-baiters and other grievance mongers never talk about. The minority demographic that is increasing is the Hispanics, though that’s largely through immigration.

  3. Rutherford says:

    Jo I don’t think you’re right about that. The new numbers about minorities out numbering whites has to do with birth rate, not immigration. Maybe I’m not getting your point.

  4. jonolan says:

    The new numbers are horridly flawed in that they ignore that the birthrate disparity is caused by immigrant – legal and illegal – Hispanics. These are primarily first generation babies, secondarily second generation babies. Starting with the 3rd generation of Hispanics birthrates normalize close to the White – normative due to current demographics – average.

    Also unspoken is that Hispanic children have a higher chance than Blacks to live to reproduce.

  5. Alfie says:

    RUTHERFORD Showing as comments in my Romney and the A.P.E.S. post are two links that I think you’d find interesting from both a political and personal point.

  6. Tex Taylor says:

    Since black women are 3 times as likely to abort their babies, and Hispanics 2.5 as likely than “white” women, future demographics is almost impossible to predict in my estimation.

    I have always thought that blacks voting as a bloc vote weaken their stroke and make themselves irrelevant. I hope this time, Romney has the sense to not pander to black racists.

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