Romney and the A.P.E.S.

The American Public Education System is a disgrace for the most part and is so on a bipartisan foundation.

Contrary to the faux nostalgia claims of many conservatives American schools and the nations education system overall was never great. Contrary to the thinking of the American Left almost everything we do regards education especially the models that flow from the iconic Colombia are equally wrong headed.

The debates on education always seem to focus on a handful of issues. I wonder why? The same problems + the same “solutions”= the system we have AND THAT HAS TO CHANGE.

Mitt Romney’s plan is as good and imo better than what we have going for us now. The system has severe fail points that can no longer be prettied up with additional expenditures and acronym laden program initiatives.

We are the joke of the civilized world, a paradigm shift is needed.



  1. Raji says:

    Thanks Alfie, that article is a must read! Romney’s idea of having federal funds attached to the student not the school doesn’t take into account fallout factors that would ensue. The article is correct in that schools need more freedom to operate. One size doesn’t fit all.

    “A more efficient system, of course, would direct capital to the teachers whom the school most wants in the classroom, regardless of what their résumés look like.”

    It is a documented fact that advanced degrees DO NOT necessarily produce the best teacher. The important word here is “teacher” i.e the ability to impart knowledge.

    “Advocates of the adequacy approach point to the line as their estimate of how much a district needs to spend to achieve a particular outcome;”

    That concept brings to mind sticking your finger into the dike to stop the leak.

  2. jonolan says:

    It’s really not fixable. Our idea of universal education has resulted in it being a commoditized industry that churns out people with know real knowledge. That will never work no matter what tweaks we make to the system.

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