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Syria violence seeps over into Lebanon BBC

I don’t know if this is a big deal but it quite possibly could be a danger in one way. There are folks even within the US government who are advocating military intervention against Syria. I’d hate to see people try to adapt and revive the old “poor little Holland” line for Lebanon.

Another Peace Council member bites the dust in Afghanistan BBC

Oh well what are ya gonna do? The country and people of Afghanistan are truly hosed. The ravages of war coupled with the previous years of Taliban repression has in my opinion irreversibly placed Afghanistan into Failed State status.

The Uncalm South The Economist

Some good reporting on happenings in Libya. Good stuff for the optimist and pessimist alike. Doesn’t change my attitude about NATO intervention but at least there is a glimmer that the NTC is forging ahead. What truly lies ahead is yet to be seen but then again I’m not Libyan.

The White Guy Factor… Pittsburgh Trib/Review

Interesting article on the ground in a key state of the 2012 Presidential Election,Pennsylvania. The gender gap is heralded loudly by the Obama folks but the blue collar and specifically the wide swath of white guy votes that will likely swing Romney is overwhelming in its potential.

Biased world views of Obama via ABC/AP

Fluffy fluffy fluff! I don’t care too much for pure Obama bashing and I respect the reality that people all across the globe are in tune with how the POTUS and America can impact them. That said the linked piece is fluffy bullshit to the extreme.


VAWA. It seems fitting to me on Mothers Day to say something about violence against women. I have always found any form of violence against females to be out of line. My beliefs are based on personal experiences and a self made code of chivalric honor. About the only thing that gets me riled more than someone hurting a woman is when someone hurts a child.

Anyway today on Mothers Day I think we all would be remiss in our duties as men and humans if we didn’t pause and ponder upon the issue of domestic violence as well as oppression women face globally. Although much has been done it is to be noted  much more can and must be done.

In a small gesture of what I’m talking about i’m sharing two things. On the international stage I’d like to recommend the latest issue of Foreign Policy. The Sex Issue. Very thoughtful articles and the title imagery is pretty powerful too imo.**link validity may be limited!**

The second thing is to share something I wasn’t even aware existed. The Hotline 



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  1. Alfie says:

    Gonna add this that I just saw
    A LRA commander has been captured. A friend of Kony as it were. Captured by Uganadan troops in….. Central Africa Republic sees CIA Factbook
    As for the story se BBC

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