Bumper sticker mentality?

I don’t have one nor do I wear my heart on my sleeve. I do find some bumpers quite enjoyable,others obnoxious as hell.

In what I find a worthy salvo in the the Dem v GOP faux War on Women thing I thought this one pretty good.


The stickers message is deeper than you might think,or at least it is to me. Women and the economy are intrinsically tied to one another;however,we do both harm if we fail to recognize the unique difference between male and female. Mom-ability



  1. joesix says:

    Republican lawmakers are repealing equal pay laws in Wisconsin, forcing rape victims to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound in Texas, and allowing doctors in Arizona to lie about prenatal care. But since one Democratic strategist said something mean about Ann Romney, I guess they’re even, right?

  2. jonolan says:

    Yes, they’re repealing state level equal pay laws that are redundant with federal law. Since you’re likely dead set against state laws that mimic or enforce federal immigration laws, you’ve no logical basis for complaint.

    And yes, Texas is trying to make women see the child they’re about to kill, which provides for a more humane consideration of their course of actions. If they can still bring themselves to kill the child within them, they’re allowed to do so.

    I’m in agreement with you, however, with the lying about prenatal care. That law also has immunity from civil suit built into it and that sets a dangerous legal precedent.

  3. Alfie says:

    @joesix I don’t get your comment in the context of the post.

  4. Alfie says:

    In response to joesix’s comment I have to respond thusly:

    Re: Wisconsin,touche to jonolans response.
    Re: TX the law is silent on the ultrasound method,providers choice. I’m baffled on this and the prenatal bit,are physicians in other parts of the country stuck in another century than those in my state? (MA)

    This post for those that fail to grasp it is all about the truth that women are DIFFERENT and that difference is to be celebrated,not somehow over legislated and mired in complicated fantasies.

  5. Raji says:

    Vive la différence

  6. Alfie says:

    Thanks Raji. After further review I guess I can see where joe6 is trying to come from,seriously though not the point of the post.

  7. joesix says:

    Even if it is redundant, why repeal an equal pay law other than to try to promote the idea that sexism is all but gone? In Texas, you see a child, I see a Seamonkey. You see a homicidal mother, I see a rape victim. “Pro-life” activists have to stop attacking women considering unfathomable choices and work on preventing those situations from happening. We all want less abortions in the world, but legislating these kinds of barbaric laws will only widen the cultural and gender gaps already dominating politics.

  8. joesix says:

    Indeed, all women are different. But given their recent legislation involving women across the country, Romney and other Republicans are insane to try to claim they represent the struggles of all mothers, which these bumper stickers would seem to imply.

  9. jonolan says:

    How is it wrong to widen the gap between the right and the wrong? And the choice is simple to kill their unborn child or not to.

    As for you’re supposedly seeing, and certainly promulgating the image of – rape victims, you’re so far off-base as to be laughable. At most 1% of all abortions are due to rape or incest.

  10. joesix says:

    1% is 1% too many rapes, and certainly not a subject I’d laugh about.

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  12. Alfie says:

    yeah me too. there seems to be countless changes ever evolving out of WordPress HQ

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