Civil War: Outsiders welcomed?

This post emanates from a series of drafts I have under the title Final Frays. Please forgive the quality as it is pretty much a dump of drafted stuff.

I’ve blogged previously on the ominous idea of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) and its related international elitist idiocy. The concept has matured from its ideological infancy and matured  to the toddler point where it is cutting its teeth in places like Libya and Syria. The former saw an all out illegal war that has yet to divulge an ultimate outcome,the latter is seeing a ramping up of international intervention on a domestic issue via the tried and true UN observer mission.

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As for Syria one need only to look at the daily news to see how things are moving. There seems to be real reason to doubt the UN efforts to give Assad an out (if that was their intention anyway?) are dashed with renewed violence. Calls to increase observer numbers are a scare for me for one simple reason. I don’t trust the international response to the inevitable death/injury of an UN observer. I also don’t have much faith in anything they observe. The track record isn’t good. (Rawanda,Balkans,Iraq & Gaza)

Again I want to stress that although no fan of Assad by any stretch (nor was I a fan of K-Daffy) at what point are sovereign nations NOT allowed to have civil strife up to and including war? Do we only get involved when we feel like it? Do we jump into it when we don’t like a particular leader? Where is the honesty then that we jump into Syria and Libya but turn our eyes away from China,Bahrain and Saudi Arabia let alone Iran?!

That is why R2P and its relatives are such a dangerous things. Holier than now attitudes from the pygmy nations and the former imperials seems like a real fucking stretch to me. We in the West mock Chinese or Iranian “propaganda” that looks at arrests at US/UK riots and protests….umm pot meet kettle??

Don’t get me wrong I think it sucks to be you that your government is repressive. It’s great you find the courage to stand up and fight to pull the yoke off. It sucks to be you when you’re outgunned. Ultimately though your civil war is just that…YOURS. I apply the same thinking to your nation.It needs to be yours and if that is meant to be it needs to be allowed to play out not be forced out.



  1. Rutherford says:

    I would agree with this post if atrocities and genocide were not factors. Yes, a country’s civil war is its business and nobody else’s. I agree with that. But I don’t think a government wantonly killing its civilians falls under the category of civil war.

    I saw a headline today saying that Obama plans to start an Atrocities Prevention Board which will attempt to prevent the wishy-washy US approach to places like Rwanda and Darfur.

    Some info here.

  2. Raji says:

    CNN: “President Barack Obama announced Monday that he has signed an executive order allowing new sanctions against companies that enable Syria and Iran to use technology such as cell phone monitoring to carry out human rights abuses.”

    You might want to read the article World War 3.0 that I posted and pay close attention to that word “technology”.

  3. Alfie says:

    Well there’s the rub I guess. Just looking at the highlights of the CNN reporting on Obama’s speech there are flaws.

    **LRA has effectively been routed out of Uganda and the US State Dept is actually more concerned about Ugandan civil law that outlaws homosexuality more than pursuing the ghost of Kony.
    **South Sudan has experienced renewed attacks this weekend from Sudan. Obama has to his credit made a statement but what does that do?
    **Iran and lets be clear the entire laundry list of nations and the use of social media. This coming from a country that listens to incoming international calls?

    I’m not asking people to like my views,but please understand them. When we willy nilly violate the concept of sovereignty we invite that which has ALWAYS come back and bitten us in the ass.

    @ raji I hope to find the time to read that VF article. I have heard of the upcoming internet thing and was not digging it at all.

  4. Raji says:

    Just in checking out google the article got good reviews. I was not aware of the internet thing.

  5. *chuckles*

    Funny how we all have laughed at places like for years. But now we are concerned that the things that they said were about to take place. Perhaps those folks are not quite so crazy after all?

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