International Media Wandering 4.22.2012 #2

To the extent that I have been able to have my ear open to the news this past week I thought I was doing pretty good. Then….

So like many of my fellow Americans I was aware to the point of boredom of North Koreas latest missile developments. I like many of my fellow Americans was completely unaware that India has successfully tested and slated for deployment in 2015 the Agni V.

I have brought up the concerns visible in the Far East and the sub Continent regards an arms race. This development is your final wake up call! India is clearly preparing for a future it sees forthcoming as is Japan,South Korea and China. The hints offered by Washington that we care,see Australia joint ventures and Hillary’s lame comments,can be added to the mix. We also have the issue that goes back to India over being disappointed they went with the French Dassault fighter as opposed to the F-16 or something else bearing “Made in USA”.

Anyway there I’m a sharing via SPIEGEL from Germany



  1. Raji says:

    India is a country that intends to reclaim it’s place in Asia. I think the comment “Finally the country sees itself as belonging to the club of nuclear powers” very pertinent to the status they wish to obtain.

    India cultural concept of poverty is not the same as in Western countries. Addressing problems of unemployment and insufficient social security will never be as high on their list as military. The loss of ten thousand homeless and poor is of little matter to the general population but “Patriotic Pride” is another matter.

  2. Alfie says:

    Don’t mean to stereotype but does your name have any relation to the region?
    You definitely hit a number of nails that I’ve come across.
    Foreign Policy Magazine is very keen on looking at the BRIC’s which includes India and I try to check out India and Pakistan press sources at least twice a month.
    All in all I’m in agreement with you. The thing is the neighbors are all in too including potential for a US Vietnam blossoming relationship. China is a huge driving issue and India for one has China as an issue on many fronts.

  3. Raji says:

    The only relationship “Raji” has to the region is a long friendship with a family from India that spent time in the USA. They sent their sons to America in the 80’s for education in finance and delved into businesses such as motels/real estate in this country as did the Japanese and Germans. When India finally started opening up their banking industry to accommodate entrepreneurs they returned to develop resorts. I was educated in the culture of the society in India that existed during the reign of the British and the loss of real estate/i.e. palaces in Pakistan.

    China may be a driving issue but frankly if India could regain Pakistan they would be more than satisfied. It is a continuous “thorn” in their side.

    Due to the very unseasonable yucky weather, I have enjoyed spending the day chatting 🙂

  4. Alfie says:

    We’re getting much needed rain in my area too.

    My point on China was more to show some appreciation of pride India has.

    India has economic,diplomatic and military concerns regards China,and although huge China looks at the “sub-continent” with consternation perhaps only rivaled by what Taiwan represents. The big tiger realizes their neighbor is highly educated and highly motivated.China is potentially the most paranoid nation in the region with exception of North Korea which is sadly for its people certifiable crazy.
    As for the Kashmir… man there’s a story and a half. In Pakistan even though they have such legit concerns with Afghanistan and internal conflict potential they garrison the Ind/Pak border like crazy.

    On a side note regards US India relations. India is one of about five nations I want the USA to get into honest and open relationship with. I have some fear we will fail at entering into it properly.

  5. Rutherford says:

    Although a simplistic observation, I’m not surprised that a country that classifies an entire “caste” of people as “untouchables” would be indifferent to poverty.

  6. Raji says:

    While the arms race in Asia is of concern so is control of the internet. Very good article!

    In the Battles of SOPA and PIPA, Who Should Control the Internet? | Culture | Vanity Fair

    ” But come December the Dubai World Trade Centre will once more be the most important place in Dubai City—and, for a couple of weeks, one of the more important places in the world. Diplomats from 193 countries will converge there to renegotiate a United Nations treaty called the International Telecommunications Regulations. The sprawling document, which governs telephone, television, and radio networks, may be extended to cover the Internet, raising questions about who should control it, and how.”

  7. Certainly interesting observations, and I can understand the Indians wishing to once again be numero uno in the region. How long has it been..? Since before Alexander?
    Anchaint Indian culture is indeed a fascinating study. Rutherford’s comment however disregards that many societies have at one time had a similar group, or “caste” for lack of a better term.

    As for the one comment from the article about how the Chinese have at least one warhead for every city in India..? That is precisely the type of ignorance that can become deadly. Think weather patterns, and it would become clear that it would be an act of national suicide for China to use those weapons against India. Using the same idea, think about an Indian attack on China… Watch out Seattle!

  8. I’ve always wondered why the world has been so quiet on the fact that both India and Pakistan have nuclear capability while at the same time been so vociferous over N. Korea. Don’t misunderstand me, I think N. Korea is an abomination as a nation and everything should be done to keep it in check but I just don’t see a nuclear clash being started by them any time soon. Sure, there’s a lot of bluster but would they really ever launch against S. Korea – unlikely. On the other hand what about India and Pakistan? They don’t have about as much love for each other as the two Koreas and they’re definitely not scared to play at brinkmanship. That, IMO is much more worrying

  9. Alfie says:

    Pacific reset? I don’t know but the nations in that region have a lot of vested interests. Not to beat a dead horse but what China deems their waters is laughable and frightful at the same time. Absolutely the Kashmir friction is nothing to be downplayed in fact as India’s star rises I wonder what Pakistan may get boxed into.
    Thanks to all for the comments,very interesting and enjoyable.

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