International Media Wandering 4.22.12 # 1

I’ve always enjoyed access to world views outside of my local sphere even when it pisses me off.

Honor killings

A concept that shakes anyone with an ounce of morality and decency the concept that killing someone,usually a female,somehow restores honor to a family is an abomination to the human race.

Honor killings are intrinsically tied to the nations that observe Islam. That is a fact! Sure enough the concept of honor killing predates Islam but this should be of zero comfort to the followers of Mohammed.

It is estimated by the UN that as many as 5,000 women (girls) are killed under the guise of honor killings annually. That is a disgrace! Couple that with a girl being raped by a scumbag is somehow a matter of dishonor the girl must pay for and you should be vomiting.

So today I was checking out some international media and came across a piece at Turkey’s Zaman.

A puff piece by a westerner looking at the nuances of the deed and offering some comfort spin. In fairness having been a fan of exploring Turkish media before I know the country is better than some at eradicating the practice. Still the piece smacked of crock to me and caused me to share it.Whether the book will ultimately be worth reading is up for grabs.

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  1. Well,while in no case supporting any sort of “honor killing,” outside formal warfare, duels, and defense of oneself, family, and friends; (yes I think it’s a lousy term also) her own, the authors, own sexist misandry is only all too obvious. Islam is only too willing to engage on so-called “honor killings” of young boys and men. With serial anal sodamization being a “lesser” punishment often being handed down… This I saw in Africa, more than once. My main point being that those people are insane.

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