When you want to post something but don’t have the words…(2)

…or the time etc. etc.

Use a picture!

A picture is worth a trillion words? I don’t know but I like this for a couple of reasons.

I appreciate the idea of saving energy and I do think LED lights are a great idea. I also think CFL’s suck ass. Obviously I disagree with government forcing a technology especially a flawed one and one that didn’t really need to be pushed so hard in the first place. To be fair though contrary to some folks I fully recognize that the light bulb debacle is a Bush thing not an Obama one. For that you use the ACA. Contrary to the humps carrying water for ObamaCare the reality of it is the thing is ALWAYS gonna cost,never ever save as long as 1)health care costs continue to rise,which ACA will actually cause. 2) Medicaid and Medicare remain unrestrained third rail political nightmares.