So much stupid so little time…

These are just four of the headlines I’ve polished to illustrate my point.Any one of these could be Fray worth jumping in2.

American Disabilities Act dunks sanity.

The story about hotel pools facing economic hardships secondary to a bad law getting worse. The sanity also goes down the drain over the entire meat of both sides arguments. There is just so much wrong with the story.

“Jihadist wannabe…meet the Bales”.

I had thought about doing a post pondering potential parallels between the eventual trial of the US soldier who went on a shooting spree in Afghanistan recently and the fantastic drama from the movie Breaker Morant. Anyway the disclosure of the suspects name has sent that idea off a cliff. I know truth and justice is something that must be pursued in this matter but really….after fighting these folks for over a decade, have we not learned a goddamn thing???

Santorum wants to outlaw porn: Why not it worked for alcohol.

I’ve never been a porn fan and I’m definitely not a fan of Rickie from PA.

Kony 2012 crew jerks something else

I’ve opposed the whole Kony thing and not from the uninformed Rush loving on the LRA stuff. The YouTube activists were in it for the money all along and on any noble note wanted something so wrong it ain’t funny. Now scrutiny and pressure builds so one founder gets spaced and pleasures himself on the streets of San Diego. How the mighty have fallen. And btw…if you gave $….LOSER!!!!!



  1. Rutherford says:

    I had not heard about the ADA pool requirement so I Googled it after reading your post.

    I am really torn on this. I understand a hotel not wanting to invest in an alteration that might never get used. On the other hand, as a disabled person, I always get a major kick when I see any public facility accommodating the disabled. And the more unusual the accommodation the bigger kick I get. So if I encountered a handicapped accessible pool at a hotel, I’d say to myself “wow, that’s cool that they thought about disabled guests when they built that pool.”

    Of course the problem isn’t with new hotels putting in new pools. It’s all the retrofitting.

    Like i said…. I’m really torn and since I’m not a swimmer myself, I don’t really have any dog in this game.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well it is by no means a new requirement so Obama is only getting the heat ‘cuz it is now a here and now thing. that said I’m not a fan of the ADA anyway but I definitely can’t see how spending $3-7,ooo into lift system that places a disabled person into a pool. Let me clear,I appreciate disabled folks get hot and can enjoy a dip,the latter being a freeing experience. What I don’t get is how we can push such a liability on a business like a little franchised hotel/motel of willingly placing a disabled person into a pool. I’m thinking the swim at your own risk clauses are out the window.

  3. Rutherford says:

    Very interesting … I never thought about the added liability a hotel signs onto when they make pools more accessible. I have no doubt a disabled guest whose pool lift malfunctioned, would sue the living crap out of the hotel.

    Again, this is a tough one for me. I am curious though … why do you oppose ADA? To me it’s an acknowledgment that our world is not for the able bodied only … AND that MANY of us will eventually experience mobility limiting conditions. I say this with caution because I don’t know how much you’ve thought about it but if you had any idea the impact of simple curb cuts have on the quality of life for disabled folks you might change your mind about ADA.

  4. Alfie says:

    ADA is a great example of how government takes a good idea,one grounded in a mix of common sense and pragmatism and grabs it by its hips and reams it. (NCLB is another great ex.) I confess I cannot do my cause justice in a thread or likely even in a post but that is more a failure to articulation than reason on my part.
    For ADA I oppose the global reach of it. Talking public transit,ramps and curb cut outs are great common sense things. Over reach as seen with heavy duty retrofitting/engineering is wrong.New construction requirements go overboard too although some of those can be viewed as happy challenges hat benefit everyone.The pool thing is wrong not because I think its ok to deny a paraplegic a refreshing dip,its because unfortunately there are a higher order of tag along burdens.(broken lifts,catheters & colostomies entering a pool,lifeguard requirements.The touted tax relief regards the pool issue won’t help with this.
    In typing this I see where you might be having a gotcha moment given our our other thread discussion with mandates etc. Actually there’s the rub though.Some level of (a) is good but you can’t impose it and be like “too bad for you regards the fallout that is b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j….”
    I hope that helps.Thanks for taking the time to comment

  5. Rutherford says:

    To me, it all comes down to “reasonable accommodation”, doesn’t it? That’s where the waters get murky.

    BTW, on a lighter note … i actually encountered once a building with a ramp that lead straight to …

    a stairwell. šŸ˜†

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