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In a previous Fray titled the European Crack Up I shared an article from CityJournal. That post generated a pair of responses that added well to the discussion at hand. The first from Raji looked into the UK taking a stand differing greatly of Core Europe (see 2nd comment/Forbes link). A follow up from Charlie who resides in the UK added local flavor and the notion of the UK embracing the Anglosphere.

Well lo and behold CityJournal has an article that ties into that quite nicely. I offer it for a number of reasons.

First and foremost let’s not get hung up on any false racial undertones of the word Anglosphere. It is all about  language and culture.

Second,please note that there are a number of “thinkers” who believe dramatic variations and paradigm shifts of global relations is on the not too distant horizon.In fact some have all ready begun to take shape. What is meant by that is the rise (resurrection?) of city state as well as out of the box alliances. I guess one could imagine the EU on steroids although given the state of the EU I’m loathe to use that as an example. I can offer other examples which include NATO,various Pacific Rim nations,the international Islamic slant and of course there is the G’s,OPEC and MERCOSUR for examples.

Closing out this list but by no means the end of a list on this subject,realities. The nations that make up the Anglo-sphere have a set of unique assets that positions them well if realized and embraced.(this is illustrated well via the graphs in the linked article)

So for linkage we have:

The initial Fray: The European Crack Up

And the new follow up: The State of the Anglosphere



  1. Raji says:

    Excellent article on describing the Anglosphere especially the statement regarding immigration. China and India with their high percentage of poverty will not be able in the long run to sustain a large enough middle/lower class that can support economic growth and productivity.

    ” immigration presents the most important long-term advantage for the Anglosphere, which has excelled at incorporating citizens from other cultures”

    US immigration creates a strong lower/middle class as is indicated in the following article.

    ” the economy absorbs immigrants by expanding job opportunities rather than by displacing workers born in the United States.”
    “In states with a heavy concentration of less-educated immigrants, U.S.-born workers have migrated toward more communication-intensive occupations.”

  2. Alfie says:

    Thanks for adding on Raji I’ll be sure to check out the link latter. I agree so far with the quotes you’ve included. Thanks again.

  3. Raji says:

    Another take on the European Crack Up in the following article. Some say the financial markets govern politics but maybe government politics have taken the upper hand and are ignoring market issues. I’ll be interested in your opinion on this one.

    Farewell to the Free Market?
    Western governments have compounded the economic crisis by rejecting the one force that can end it.

    “In the years leading up to 2007, the rules necessary to govern a flourishing market economy broke down, producing a financial and economic crisis. Rather than responding to the crisis by fixing those rules, the West aggressively repudiated market economics, and the repudiation continues to this day”

    “What advocates of free markets should be saying is that the free movement of capital hasn’t failed in the current crisis. What has failed is the West’s ongoing misdirection of capital. China’s misdirection of capital will eventually fail, too—and when it does, the West had better have an alternative to which the world can turn.”

  4. More than a bit interesting Alfie and Raji. It also ties in nicely with my term paper oh those many years ago dealing with Political Economics. If I can find an old computer with a regular dick reader I will recreate it and post it for you folks to read. Mind you now, it was written back in the nineties!

  5. Tex Taylor says:

    Mind you now, it was written back in the nineties!

    The nineties! Seems like merely yesterday.

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