I wasn’t gonna vote for him anyway but since he made me sick to my stomach…

I will do all that a private citizen can do to prevent Rick Santorum from being the next President of the United States of America.

In an effort  to serve up red meat to the most rabid of the GOP base this false prophet zealot has disgraced both himself and America. He states the speech by JFK to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association in 1960 made him sick to his stomach.This is insanity at its highest.

Rickie was two when JFK was forced to defend himself so any sickness Rickie has came long after the fact. Rickie wants to divide Americans and indeed hurt the faithful for his own gain. One would think there is a special place in hell for a piece of shit like that.

In my disgust,albeit without nausea,I managed to track down JFK’s speech. I read it and two things came to my mind.

The first was the deja vous of Mitt Romney’s similar speech when he was dragged to the pillory by the ignorant.

The second thing that moved me was how as a candidate JFK had a focus that given the times was very presidential indeed. That comes from a guy that isn’t a big fan of Camelot on the Potomac by any stretch.

Yes indeed folks Rickie has soiled the sheets in my eyes. I was never gonna vote for him but previously I could’ve tolerated his presence at 1600 Penn. Now? I cannot accept this fucker in any way shape or form.



  1. what who? where? says:

    Regressive desperation has set in.
    The choices are:
    1) a 0.0001 percenter who comes across like a debutante a cow chip tossing contest.
    2) a fellow who wants to impose a 15th century theocracy
    3) A pseudo intellectual skirt chaser
    4) One who thinks racism is a libertarian value.
    If i were a regressive i would be very very depressed.
    As it is I am ordering in more popcorn.
    Meanwhile the “GOP adults” – if any – are hoping for better in 2016.
    I would be fine with Rick running.
    He lost by 17 points last time he ran for office.
    Obama would hammer him far worse.
    The landslide would make the whole Congress heavily DEM as well – the GOP would be irrelevant.

  2. Rutherford says:

    One big problem Santorum has is he says stupid stuff ready made for mainstream ridicule. I just heard this doozy today (and I paraphrase):

    “Obama wants all kids to go to college. What a snob!”

    No matter how you run this through one’s working class pride lens, it still comes off as downright bizarre.

    When it comes to JFK, Santorum makes the following mistake. Religious people bring their religious perspective to the public square when they opine. They cannot help but do so. It is part of their DNA. So the notion that people of faith are banned from the public square is preposterous. The issue at hand is does religious dogma directly influence government decisions? Not does it influence the decision maker … sure it does. But you can’t say, we’re going to war with Iran because Jesus told me so.

    I think JFK perfectly understood the notion of separation. I think Rick is playing to religious paranoia. Sadly his opponents aren’t far behind him. Gingrich says on the day after re-election, Obama will launch an attack on the church. Utterly preposterous.

    How many folks will lap this up, Alfie? That is the question.

  3. Alfie says:

    No matter how you run this through one’s working class pride lens, it still comes off as downright bizarre.
    You’ve put me in a tough spot. I want to reply to that but don’t want to support Santorum in any way,shape or form. Fortunately Santorum has given me some wiggle room. His speech that line comes from had other jewels dangling within.

    The real reason Obama wants kids to go to college isn’t secular indoctrination but the classic elitist attitude that Obama embodies. Obama is the default leader for the throngs of parents who think kids MUST go to college to become anything worthwhile.I imagine he and Michelle feel that way about their daughters. The USA kids just go with what they’ve been told all along.
    This is indeed a big problem for America. Our college ed system has been diluted and our students put into a state of delusion. This in turn has been a strong factor in our economic hardships.

    Santorum of course could not leave well enough alone. His stump speech came off like a trumpet call for ignorance which was sickening to read&hear. Ironically Rickie is a pro college guy who is being disturbingly honest in his campaigning. You and yours should be home schooled and maybe a trade school,he and his should go to college and lead you. This is just a variation of the elitist theme that helps to breed disunity in America.

  4. jonolan says:

    I don’t know if I’ll vote for Santorum or not in the Primary. If he’s the GOP’s nomination though, I’ll vote for him in November. It doesn’t matter what he is or what he stands for at that point. He’s not Obama and I value the symbolism and the message of removing Obama from office far too much to quibble over campaign rhetoric.

  5. Rutherford says:

    Points well taken although in his speech Santorum did refer to indoctrination going on in our higher ed institutions. Whether he meant secular indoctrination or simply liberal indoctrination is another story.

    Another odd thing is … Santorum rightly states that you turn the odds in your favor (at least slightly) when you marry and then have kids. So you would think he would acknowledge that you turn the odds, however slightly, in your favor economically when you graduate from college.

  6. Tex Taylor says:

    Anybody but Obama is the clearest message of 2012 – the only sure message of 2012. For the sake of the country, we need to remove Obama, no matter who he runs against and get rid of that butt faced, pretentious Oprah wannabee with him.

    Rutherford doesn’t understand the context of Santorum’s message, because Rutherford is under the illusion college is the only end all to anything of intellect, unless you’re Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

    Have you ever met a college educated liberal that knew how to use a pipe wrench – probably few who even know what a pipe wrench is used for? Good lawd, they wouldn’t know which way to turn any wrench, much less how to install something.

    If by chance America is left with nothing but liberals and their union goons, the same union who vote Dim only because of the union tie, the dock worker type soon thereafter will start to kill off the limp wristed, white collar libs with their bare hands. Probably smart policy. 🙂

  7. Rutherford says:

    Have you ever met a college educated liberal or conservative that knew how to use a pipe wrench?

    I corrected it for you Tex.

    I never said college was the only route to success. Loads of college educated failures prove otherwise. I still maintain that in a society where automation has replaced many skilled labor jobs, having a college education can give you a leg up.

    I can’t swear to it Tex, but I strongly suspect if either of your girls had said “no college for me” you would’ve kicked their ass. Does that make you a snob?

  8. Rutherford says:

    I neglected to point out, Tex, that you are one of most over-educated people I have encountered on the net. If I’m not mistaken, you hold more than one bachelor’s degree, an MBA and several semesters worth of medical school. That is hardly the profile of someone who holds formal advanced education in disdain. 😐

  9. Tex Taylor says:

    Rutherford, you nitwit. 😆

    I was just holding a pipe wrench in my hand, after installing a new garbage disposal for my widow neighbor (I’ll never volunteer help for anyone again). I swear, I’ve become the neighborhood handyman. The most over educated handyman in America.

    Hell yes, I think college is overrated. I know college is overrated. I say that with the assurance of I”m working for free with 300 plus college hours under my belt and four degrees – and the fact, like you, these schmucks in wet noodle corporate America would look at me as “too expensive.”

  10. Tex Taylor says:

    I heard through the grave vine last Saturday, you had been ill, my old friend? Hopefully, you’re feeling well?

    Had I known, I would have prayed for a near death experience. 🙂

    Something to clear the fog out of your head to get on the straight and narrow, instead of that wide Obama path leading to destruction.

    I guess it wouldn’t do many any good to tell you once again, you’re running out of time?

  11. Rutherford says:

    “I heard through the grave vine ”

    Wow is that one whopper of a Freudian slip?

    I’ll have you know, Tex that while in hospital, I was visited by the spirit of Rick Santorum.

    I’m a changed man. 😉

  12. Tex Taylor says:

    😆 I’d like to think that was by accident. Who knows?

    But that wasn’t Rick Santorum. That was Meryl Streep you saw.

  13. jonolan says:

    Anybody but Obama is the clearest message of 2012 but it’s also an overplayed one. Obama is weak and controllable, his ousting being more symbolic than existential.

    Don’t get me wrong; his removal is an important symbol, which is why I’m adding my vote to the effort. It will send a clear message to his constituency.

    It’s just a symbolic effort though. As long as Americans keep control of the House and maintain or increase their hold on the Senate, Obama in the White House for 4 more years is largely irrelevant.

  14. Rutherford says:

    As long as conservative Americans keep control of the House and maintain or increase their hold on the Senate…

    I fixed it for you. Hate to let you in on this Jo but liberals are Americans too. 😉

  15. jonolan says:

    That’s no fix, Rutherford; that’s just wasted editorializing. No matter how much you claim otherwise, Liberals are not Americans.

    “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith.” Liberals just don’t have the prerequisite faith in America and American values to qualify as being American anymore than cancer cells qualify as being part of the body.

  16. Tex Taylor says:

    As long as Americans keep control of the House and maintain or increase their hold on the Senate, Obama in the White House for 4 more years is largely irrelevant.

    Oh, I disagree. For no other reason, that the SCOTUS that will be appointed.

  17. Rutherford says:

    Can’t a predominantly Republican congress block distasteful SCOTUS appointments? I think Jonolan is right that a split government will basically get little done over the next four years making Obama essentially impotent. This is not the 90’s where the two horndogs, Clinton and Gingrich could actually get stuff done.

  18. Tex Taylor says:

    Obama is already grossly incompetent and still dangerous, even with a practically split Senate.

    This clear infringement of the 1st Amendment has convinced me, Obama is still an imminent danger, no matter how weakened. Even if Obama could be frozen completely, he would still have authority and stroke to impede.

  19. Raji says:

    If Rickie gets the GOP nomination, regardless of the outcome,
    strap on those parachutes, the plane will be flying with no pilot

  20. Tex Taylor says:

    Maybe true, maybe not. But even Santorum as a possible invisible pilot would beat the cross-eyed, jug eared Kenyan turning the nose toward the ground, full throttle.


  21. jonolan says:

    Your wasted editorializing isn’t a “fix.” No matter how much or often your sort claim otherwise, Liberals aren’t Americans. “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth, it’s a matter of faith,” and Liberals lack the prerequisite faith in America and American values to be Americans.

  22. jonolan says:

    You’ve point there, but are we really expecting any SCOTUS appointments in the next few years and, if so, will they be one of the 5 or one of the Liberal Activists being replaced?

    As for the rest, when has Obama managed to use his “authority and stroke” to do anything so far? He’s powerless now when he would be normally be presumed to have some measure of clout via Dems wanting to ride his coat-tails in the elections; what’s he going to be as a lame duck?

    Remember, Dem politicians up for reelection in 2010 actively sought to NOT have Obama’s endorsement or support. That means he lost – in his first term! – his major means of swaying even his own party.

  23. Alfie says:

    I for one think Romney made a great point in his Michigan speech regards a second term Obama. Without reelction concerns the Executive branch would be freer to act outside of the box. Progressives would likely applaud this. Bipartisan Constitution lovers horrified.

  24. Rutherford says:

    Since you placed your “matter of faith” in quotes, is that a Jonolan original or are you actually quoting someone? If so, who?

    Either way it is nonsense. At the very definition, being an American is a matter of birth. Loyalty to America has nothing to do with faith. That is just more nonsense. Loyalty to America involves fighting to make it and keep it the greatest country on the planet. Faith blinds one to America’s faults and without acknowledgement of faults, they can’t be fixed.

    “Faith” in America leads to Jim Crow, Japanese internment, etc. Loyalty to America, being a “good” American, leads to fixing these things.

    I’ve found most of what you’ve written in this and other threads intelligent. I’m shocked you wrote this last comment.

    The Tea Party, which I assume you support, does not operate on faith in America. They wish to change America back to some ideal they have in their head. If they simply had faith in America, they wouldn’t bother to protest. They’d just let the country roll along and fix itself.

  25. jonolan says:

    That quote was from you boy, Obama.

    As for faith and the TEA Party – They’re entirely about faith in American values and we’re trying to restore America with those values into the great nation she was always meant to be.

    You’re like all the other anti-American Leftists. You think change is universally good and the past is always worse.

    True, the Jim Crow laws and the interment of the Japs in WW2 weren’t the best ways of handling the problems of the day, but the problems were real and the desired goals were right and sound.

  26. Tex Taylor says:

    I’ve been saying that since Nov. 2010, Alfie, and I am damn glad a candidate finally said it. Romney said what needs to be said, and Gingrich provided the battle plan of how to debate against Obama. Let’s hope Romney is capable of taking the fight to Obama.

    Can you imagine the real Obama, one unencumbered by fear of reelection and believing he once again has received a “mandate?” This despicable man, one who has called on African American churches to politic, has given every indicator that he believes there is nothing outside his purview, his reach, and his intelligence. I am not kidding that while Obama may be Carter’s equal in incompetence, Carter was no real danger to our Republic.

    Obama is.

    America is certifiable if they choose to give this horrid man another shot at Presidency. It is an absolute and guaranteed recipe for disaster, for everybody – liberals included. One horrid term has been bad enough, and if spending us into oblivion wasn’t the final straw, dividing us to the point of civil war surely should be.

    I can’t even believe as confused as Rutherford can be, that he doesn’t perceive what is coming down the pike for all of us. Liberals won’t escape the pain this time.

  27. Rutherford says:

    The desired goals of Jim Crow were right and sound? Wow you lost me on that one.

    If Obama did indeed say that, you’ve either taken him out of context or he was having a “bad brain day”.

  28. Rutherford says:

    As I suspected, you took the quote out of context. Obama was referring to immigrants. After using the word “faith” he made reference to “fidelity to the shared values that we all hold so dear”. His point was that immigrants can be loyal Americans.

    Nice try Jo.

  29. jonolan says:

    Cultural integrity is a right and sound goal, as the repeated failures of multicultural societies have more than adequately proven. Sadly, the intersection of race and culture led to some bad decisions.

    As for Obama’s words – decide for yourself: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/07/01/obama_being_an_american_not_a_matter_of_blood_or_birth.html

    He was describing immigrants and potential immigrants as being American, irrespective of blood or birth, as being Americans if they had the right faith.

    It’s one of the few correct statements the boy has ever made.

  30. jonolan says:

    No, you made a nice try. You’re right – “fidelity to the shared values that we all hold so dear” and Liberals don’t have fidelity to the shared values that Americans all hold so dear.

  31. Rutherford says:

    The only thing a second Obama term will do is reveal how embarrassing it must be to be a drama queen.

  32. Rutherford says:

    If you truly believe liberals and conservatives have no shared values, then there is little hope for you.

    What the hell is “cultural integrity”? Jim Crow existed so white families wouldn’t be force-fed chitlins? Next thing you’ll be calling for racial purity. Was Hitler on the right track after all?

    Finally, unless you refer to yourself as a boy, I suggest you refer to the President as a man. He stopped being a boy some 30 years ago.

  33. jonolan says:

    If and when he grows up, I’ll call him a man. Until then he’s just a little boy playacting and doing that poorly.

    Being a man is a lot more than years just as being American is a lot more than the accidental circumstances of one’s birth.

  34. Tex Taylor says:

    Think I’m being a drama queen, do you?

    Hypoxia is a sure sign of a compromised immune system, generally rendering the victim a slow, agonizing demise – and a much higher degree of susceptibility to all kinds of diseases like the flu and bacterial infections, straining the heart and impeding the release of noxious gases like CO2. In essence, the body dies from poisoning itself. Like a love of liberal politics. 🙂

    Just about the time you think you’re flying high, they pull the blanket over your head. When the moment arrives, you leave choking in gasps Obama….Obama…Obama, “WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I NEEDED YOU MOST?”

    And you find much too late, he’s stealing your record album collection while you genuflected one last time.

  35. Rutherford says:

    he’s stealing your record album collection while you genuflected one last time.

    LOL that was funny. I’m glad most of my music is digitized so at least my wife can enjoy it after I’m dead and Barry has run off with the CD’s. 🙂

  36. Tex Taylor says:

    See, you’re paranoid too. You know what Barry is made of – smart man. You’ll come around possibly before they pull the sheet.

    Don’t let the demon Pisser influence you. You’ll be really screwed up then. Poolman dumbing your deviancy down is troubling enough.

  37. Tex Taylor says:

    I sure thought Davy Jones would outlast Keith Richards.

    There may be hope for you yet, Rutherford. 🙂

  38. Alfie says:

    Jones did. Richards died in ’83 he’s a zombie,or at least thats my guess. :))

  39. Don’t you just find it amazing how both detractors and supporters of the TEA Party miss the entire point of the movement?

  40. Rutherford says:

    Don’t you just find it amazing how both detractors and supporters of the TEA Party miss the entire point of the movement?

    I’m not surprised to see you say detractors miss the point, but could you elaborate on how supporters miss the point of the Tea Party?

  41. Alfie says:

    Sorry Jonolan,Akismet tossed you into the spam pile and I’ve been away.

  42. jonolan says:

    Yeah, WordPress has been seemingly trying to censor me and a some others. I’ve tried contacting them about it but, beyond the initial contact and response, they’ve refused to even acknowledge the issue for months.

  43. Rutherford says:

    FWIW, Akismet expects the commenter to post with a consistent name, email address and IP address. If any of those differ, the commenter is considered “new” and goes into moderation. Blog owners can also automatically throw comments into moderation based on number of links contained in the comment.

    I’ve got a few “regulars” on my blog who occasionally wind up in the dust bin because they accidentally mistyped their email address.

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