Even though reality is busily hounding me I have still had time to drift off into Ponderland and those trips have me thinking…

Viva Falklands!

That’s right bitches they are called Falklands and staying that way. I will say one thing though. It is crazy whacked how history repeats itself so quickly and so fully. One would think in the advanced information age we’d all have an attention longer than a gnats pubes.

I’m on the verge of being done with the GOP

I get people don’t like candidate A or B and even get how they believe they are actually involved in nominating the Party choice but seriously….let’s pull defeat from the jaws of victory and call it a day. President Santorum??? Really?!?! Brokered convention in which Daniels or Palin are elevated??? WTF?!!!?!!!!!!!?????

Iran has the Bomb

I think this is a safe assumption. Even if the anticipated Ahmadinejad announcement turns out to be something far below that the die has been cast and there WILL be a mini arms race in the M.E.


“Gimme, gimme, gimme, pass the ouzo, and oh yeah we’re going on strike!” Greece the epitome of the alleged 99 % ers. Yeah that’s what America needs.



  1. Raji says:

    Re: Viva Falklands. You do cover the globe don’t you when you go-a-pondering. Apparently the locals are more concerned with the shortage of eggs than a name change.

  2. Alfie says:

    yeah I get about Raji. Let me be clearer on the issue though.

    The nationalism of both parties baffles me although that is overwhelmingly trumped by how easily it is gobbled up by the respective parties.I’d add I personally have zero desire to see any violence come out of this.

    I’m having a hard time imagining that Falklands flagged vessels present a trade deficit kind of thing to MERCOSUR.

    This is all about future resource exploration/exploitation and since the locals are decidedly pro UK I say the Buenos Aires bunch need to chill.

  3. There is already a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

  4. Alfie says:

    @ huck I am wondering what or should I say who you refer to.
    It is my understanding that the regional holders of nuclear arms is limited to Pakistan and Israel with the Iranians coming on line,if they are not already. I believe Turkey,Saudi Arabia and some other party of the GCC will look to make a buy.

  5. That’s my understanding, too.

    What is not my understanding is that the 3rd country in the region to get a nuclear weapon is the one that is starting a nuclear arms race in the region.

    I won’t say they aren’t continuing it….but I won’t say they stared it, either.

  6. Alfie says:

    I listened to a talk about the matter and heard the view I think you espouse. I disagree and stand in the camp that Iran is indeed starting the race. Let me explain.

    Israel has had nukes yet never really needed them as a deterrent since it had the UN/US. Still I don’t see how Israels arsenal has served as a threat to Iran specifically or any of the neighbors generally.Their possession never struck me as a starters gun on an arms race.

    Pakistan has them and they have them for one reason and it is spelled I-N-D-I-A. Af/Pak stability is something I find a more credible threat to Iran and I’m not alone in the thinking that one of the biggest shames of the USA’s wars in the area is that we’ve unwittingly bolstered Tehran’s hand. Iraq is off the list and Af/Pak is internally unstable. This makes it even more unnecessary for Iran to pursue the bomb,at least on some level.

    So why is Iran pursuing the bomb? There are a number of easy answers but the root is clearly regional hegemony. Iran’s possession of a bomb is regionally unacceptable and therefore generates a logical response ergo why I stand by the belief that Iran is indeed responsible for any race that starts.

  7. Raji says:

    Bear with me as I explore the issue. Now that I have educated myself on Mercosur I understand the situation a bit more. So why do you think the Buenos Aires bunch is targeting the Falklands? I don’t think the real reason is their claim of militarization but like you say future exploration/exploitation.

    So you think this is the real issue:

    A group of UK-listed companies is involved in exploring four major prospects this year, with the largest, Loligo, potentially holding more than 4.7bn barrels of oil. By comparison Catcher, the biggest discovery in the North Sea of the past 11 years, is believed to hold only 300m barrels.

  8. Raji says:

    Re: Greece
    Greece will never willingly accept austere ramifications as that concept is not part of their culture. Iceland for example came from an austere environment to superficial wealth and it was easier for them to return to the roots of their culture.

    Alfie, I really do enjoy the challenges that your posts present. Hope you are feeling better as that nasty crude is hitting everyone.

  9. Raji says:

    You are right about Pakistan and India. I have close friends in India and those animosities go way back in history to the separation of land which can never be reconciled.

  10. Alfie says:

    I try to check out media from both Pakistan and India and it incredible how the stories play out. For example the recent fighter jet purchase by India made some press in Pakistan as well. The tempo of the stories were something to behold.

  11. Alfie says:

    Yeah I think the real driver is the long term prospects of resources. I definitely don’t discount the short term benefit for both nations in each others nationalist tilts. Britain is focused on celebrating an anniversary of something they’re a little happier about than anything that happened in Helmand or Basra. the Argentines for their part are in need of distractions outside of their domestic and regional issues.

  12. Alfie says:

    Thanks for stopping by by all means. I enjoy an exchange of ideas and really like the chance to get perspectives from folks from other places.
    As for Greece I agree. Guess there is some level of rioting going on over there now.

  13. Tex Taylor says:

    This is only my opinion. But I would say Iran is the only country in the world with the intent of developing a nuclear bomb, not for the use as a deterrent of mutual destruction to frighten or like North Korea to use as economic leverage, but to make quick use of its new arsenal…

  14. Tex Taylor says:

    Oh, two other things. Hope you’re feeling better Mr. Alfie – nothing more miserable than a stomach virus/food poisoing; sorry about the bikes. My daughter in med school had her $75.00 bike stolen from the rack second day.

    That’s two bikes she now has had stolen. 😡 They started nice and get cheaper each time.

    My wife delivered our last mountain bike to here from our shed a few months back with a better lock, but I fully expect that one to go missing too.

    Amazing what people will steal.

  15. Tex Taylor says:

    Funny, because the parody is so true to the reality of the Left:

  16. Rutherford says:

    Do you hate Obama so much that you bet against Chrysler and GM? Since you believe GM’s resurrection is fiction, what would it take for you to believe they are succeeding?

    Based on the recent Super Bowl ad, I think Clint Eastwood would punch your lights out. 😐

  17. Rutherford says:

    Iran has the Bomb

    Alfie, looking at the discussion thread it seems you’ve backed off the inflammatory headline. Just to clarify, do you believe they are developing it or that they already actually have it?

  18. Tex Taylor says:

    Don’t know about Clint (I met him once in Carmel and shook his hand and he didn’t punch my lights out – but we did discuss Pebble Beach and its beauty for a few seconds). But I would consider GM’s success only when the our loan paid in full with interest for starters, including previous bondholders, with a promise to never take a dime of federal funding again.

    My disdain of Obama and his lackeys has little to do with Government Motors, being GM plays such a small role in the aggregate failure in measuring Obama’s incomparably gross incompetence. GM doesn’t hardly register on the Obama Richter Scale. Just a small shake of the magnitude 9.4 failure.

    I assume by Chrysler you met Fiat Chrysler? 🙂 That’s some kind of success, isn’t it? Borrow money you never repay and sell to the highest foreign bidder, while making commercials never mentioning that small oversight?

  19. Alfie says:

    I’m hanging in there Tex thanks. It never ceases to amaze me how folks rip off other folks knowing full well the person they’re ripping off can’t replace that which is getting ripped.

  20. Alfie says:

    @ R I don’t know about it being inflammatory. Remember I posed a long time ago that I welcome Iran to the Nuclear Club. That one was a little tongue in cheek and drove Elric nuts but I am consistent. I’ve not been able to keep up with things too much this week so I don’t know if the announcement has come out of Tehran. I do believe they are at a min closer than folks think.

    @Tex @ R I have a recent post on GM and the chatter they are enjoying,GM fortune cookie thing.As for Fiat -Tex you’re right on the money. In fact Fiat is looking to expand and I’m pretty convinced they intend to use the free leverage they have secondary to Chrysler to go after either Opel (ironically that buy would benefit GM) or more likely Peugeot. Then they would be in a better position in Europe and even more free to bail on the Detroiters.

  21. Alfie says:

    Re Iran and the bomb from 2007 HERE
    and the GM thing HERE

  22. Raji says:

    GM is a perfect example of why it pays to research a company’s P/E. Not a stock you would want long term according to the information you posted.

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