Quick Frays: Some things never change…

Sacrificing the desert to save the Earth

Environmentalists are torn over the high cost of breaking reliance on fossil fuels. Public comment has been sought, but insiders are calling the shots.


The three page piece found at LA Times was a very interesting read. It offers the reader,any reader of any political stripe imo, a chance to view the myriad of hot points wrapped up in the climate change,greenie,political scandal hosing of taxpayers landscape.

Seriously the article takes an honest look and lays it out there in a rather surprising nonjudgmental fashion.

Jobs? Not really.The cornerstone solar project found in the article ponies up 1000 construction/ancillary jobs but the functioning plant scores 86.

Rush to build and save America? Not really.Pretty clearly stated that there was indeed a rush to get permits but more so to hold as tradable assets down the road. Also very telling how skewed the tax and rates picture is very gray.

National environmental groups honest? Not really. The nats have scolded the locals who care about the local environment in a Big Brother knows best green fascist kind of way,no surprise there but…

A grand solution? Not really.The cost,and I don’t necessarily mean $$’s here, the environment is potentially paying for green projects is one that I’m unsure is being truly analyzed. That’s just as sad for a green project as it would be for a fossil project,the hypocrisy is insane.

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  1. Rutherford says:

    I only skimmed the LA Times article but I will say this, if “climate change” is a flawed theory, we are making one helluva sacrifice to accommodate it. It never occurred to me that building these solar panel farms displaces the animal population in those areas.

    Food for thought … thanks for posting.

  2. Alfie, the amazing thing is where you found the story. No one, at least with a brain denies climate change. Whether it is caused by man is the issue. My better half is a Geologist (Geochemical engineer to be specific) so I have access to some pretty good information. Not to mention that the fact that we are coming out of The Little Ice Age just might have something to do with global warming…

    That said this issue has been out front from day one. Those damned pinwheels mess with everything from Sage Grouse recovery efforts to Big Horn Sheep survival. Huge solar panels interfere with Tortoise migration, and the list just goes on…

    Then we have the only so obvious crony capitalism from the obamaites that, as usual, is more about money than any sort of environmental concern.

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    You’ll have to cut Rutherford some slack, Patrick. This is a man who once accused Jerod Loughner of being led by Sarah Palin’s message to shoot a Congressman, makes sport of Sarah Palin’s Downs baby, and is just sure hydraulic fracking is about to split the world from pole to pole.

    Science and religion aren’t Rutherford’s bag.

  4. Rutherford says:

    This is of course a total non sequitur. Patrick didn’t address my comment. Furthermore, he perfectly expressed a reasonable stance which is that climate change is NOT debatable, it’s whether man has anything to do with it that is worth further review. Careful who you cozy up to Tex because if you reveal too much Patrick will learn you find it far more likely that Noah put two of every species in a boat, than that climate is changing. 😉

    As for making sport of Palin’s child, this has always had more to do with your lack of reading comprehension than anything else.

    By the way, when you turn on your water faucet, put a match to it and watch the flames roar and that doesn’t faze you, then you can tell me there is nothing to worry about with fracking

  5. Rutherford says:

    By the way Tex, i do love the new avatar. Tell me is it because you think you have the wisdom of Yoda or because you have difficulty with English syntax?

    “I Obama do hate much” — Tex Taylor 🙂

  6. jonolan says:

    You left out if it is caused by Man, how is it that we’re causing it? Given all the things that the Warmists wanted to take our money for, it seems a little too convenient to be blaming CO2 emissions from the fossil fuel use of America and the rest of the Civilized World as the sole or primary anthropogenic cause.

  7. Tex Taylor says:

    No Rutherford. It’s real simple. I was simply informing another who might know little of you about how vacuous, you, your life, your experiences, and your reality really are.

    Perhaps you can explain to Patrick how you once posted how Sarah Palin’s Trig got his name from his mother choosing to use the medical genetic definition of his syndrome for his proper name?

    As far as your continual references to Noah, you bet I believe as I do the rest of the Bible. Every word of it. Some of allegory, some of it metaphor – but every civilization on earth tells us there was indeed a great flood thousands of years ago. You on the other hand, learned at you mother’s knee how there is nothing. 😉 One thing is for sure. Will see if my faith in Christ trumps your faith in Obama.

    But if you wish to carry on a debate about any of the hard sciences here, believing yourself intellectually superior to me, be my guest. You pick the subject, and I’ll start with the questioning. Something tells me you won’t take me up on the challenge.

  8. Tex Taylor says:

    By the way, when you turn on your water faucet, put a match to it and watch the flames roar and that doesn’t faze you, then you can tell me there is nothing to worry about with fracking

    😆 What a maroon. Sounds to me like the gas company ought to check their pipes for a leak. But if you think a water table is a couple of miles deep, who am I to argue? Brilliant, Rutherford. Truly brilliant logic in drawing a conclusion.

    Actually the Yoda picture was me showing my indulgence of your personal Facebook pics. 😉 I think it was the hair.

  9. Tex, you just opened up a can of worms friend… Because of my better half’s actual place of employment I can’t really address the fracking issue… Dang it! Yes, it’s with a Federal three letter agency!

    As for Professor Rutherford? I don’t comment over at his blog simply because of things that he has said, or supported in the past. Although I must admit he appears to have developed a mind that is more open than say, a few years ago. That said; When it comes to freedom, liberty, and the Bill of Rights? I NEVER cut anyone any slack. I’m a MARINE CORPS Brat, and it’s just in my genes.

  10. Please Rutherford…

    Flaming water due to fracking..? Possible yes. So is swamp gas in wells in Ohio. I know because I saw and smelled it myself as a child near Loraine, Ohio way back in the early sixties. Well before any fracking was being done anywhere. Testing here in Wyoming, in Colorado near Wellington, and in South Dakota where it is done routinely have revealed nothing untoward water quality, air pollution, and so on.

    Lets have some actual evidence about that sir, not simply theories or concerns.

  11. jonolan, as usual, nailed it yet again. I would submit further in support of janolan that it has been not only documented, but confirmed that the active volcanoes in Hawaii spew out more “greenhouse” gases in a single year than man has done in his entire existence. Heck, Kila Uea does that all by itself!

    Anthropogenic climate change is a politically correct myth, and nothing more. Well, I stand corrected. It is a money making scheme by Al Gore, and his cronies.

  12. Tex Taylor says:

    See Patrick, Rutherford is one of these ill educated dupes, that if he hears a bunch of equally moronic dupes from the left on TV chanting from the MSNBC, WAPO, and NYT Times, its truth. If President Zero says it, it’s Rutherford’s gospel. Rutherford believes Obama can stop the rising seas. I’m not kidding – completely mindless.

    And when they are wrong, Rutherford doesn’t apologize. He just goes to the next popular conspiracy, hoping we all will forget.


    Rutherford, for the final time. Listen up dumb shit. Oklahoma has been fracking gas/oil wells for 60 years, including 20 years for horizontal fracking – the latest liberal bogeyman exposing their abject stupidity.

    And the number of reported environmental incidents polluting the ground water? None. And we are the third largest producer of natural gas in the nation. None means zero Rutherford. So you need to go back to your fraidy hole and worry about global climate change some more.

    See Rutherford. I hate to have to explain this to you and your beloved President because you’re both so damn ignorant about how the real world works, but even if a casing would leak (and there have been very few incidents of that every happening either, an aquifer is not an underground lake and water and oil don’t mix. Gas dissipates. You bozos were telling me it was all over during the BP oil spill. Have you forgotten?

    If you need proof gas actually dissipates, next time your wife is filling up the car while you’re tagging along, put your nose next to the hole while she’s pumping the gas. You might actually smell gasoline… 😆

    Just dumb as hell.

  13. Oh please you two… Only two? Study up!


    Rutherford. My reading comprehension is just fine and back then that sure as hell appeared to be an assault on Palin via a personal tragedy. Am I also some weird freak because my daughter died while sleeping on my tummy from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome..?

    You dug yourself into a grave with me a long time ago Rutherford. I will be civil to you, but I will never support you…

  14. Rutherford says:

    Patrick, I’ll say this much … it’s worth more investigation on my part. All I know is a documentary film (don’t remember the name of it) was devoted to this and the flaming faucets was the go-to snippet to get people to watch the film. Propaganda? Perhaps. I’ll take a closer look.

  15. Rutherford says:

    And we are the third largest producer of natural gas in the nation.

    Tex, with you in residence, I am truly shocked OK is not the first largest producer of natural gas in the nation. 😀

  16. Rutherford says:

    No reason to clutter up Alfie’s blog re-litigating Sarah Palin. Suffice it to say, every attack I leveled against Palin was against Palin. I have nothing against Trig Palin. Why should I? He’s a baby. And I don’t care that he is a mentally challenged baby … he’s a baby. He’s not fair game. But his mother is and his mother made her mothering of him a campaign bonus. Pretty despicable if you ask me.

    I did not know about your child and I am truly sorry for your loss. I can only imagine that losing one’s child is the worst kind of grief. I’m a father and I think anyone on this blog who is a parent understands that.

  17. jonolan says:

    When it comes to vulcanism I’m more interested in- and concerned by the increased thermal activity under large parts of the Antarctic shelf. We really haven’t been studying the effects of deep water current on global climate enough so don’t really know what a significant change in temperature or salinity will do.

  18. Tex Taylor says:

    Why take a closer look? You wouldn’t understand it anyway. You wouldn’t know a gas well from a straw in a to go cup.

    Go back to watching MSNBC for your science. And least you provide a giant bullseye, serving a humorous purpose.

  19. El Tigre says:

    So, the baby was fair game?

    Yeah, real despicable. A conservative explaining her decision to raise a mentally retarded baby mean Rutherford can say whatever he wants about it.

    Give me a break. On this topic, despicable resides in Rutherford’s mirror.

  20. Rutherford says:

    Mmmm, is your name Patrick? Go back to sleep.

  21. Rutherford says:

    Tigre, thanks for the link. Who woulda thunk that a water well and my irritable bowel would have so much in common? 😉

  22. Alfie says:

    @ R I covered this some more HERE
    The thing of it is BHO could’ve should’ve been better on this…he wasn’t

  23. jonolan says:

    You can’t expect any better out of Obama. The worthless little boy’s not possessed of the basic adult understanding of earning his own keep and doing his job.

  24. Tex Taylor says:

    If you’re anything Rutherford, it’s a definite methane bag.

    Thanks for providing that Tigre – I hadn’t seen the latest finding, but trying to explain the science to someone of Rutherford’s limited ability with respect to science, is like trying to explain calculus to Al-Poolman.

    A hopeless pursuit.

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