Quick Frays: GM might want a redo on the fortune cookie…

One of the things I do truly love about the internet is the ability to access a wide range of news and views. In surfing I have often the amazing fortune to come across two or more stories that are related yet speak in opposites. Today offered another such instance.

Early in the morning I read about how GM is all happy about earnings and sales. The story was a little couched in places but hey it was a US source trying to spin GM positively. One could see in the article and definitely if you dig elsewhere that GM’s fortunes owe a great deal of thanks to the Asian market,specifically China. In China GM is represented via a joint venture with SAIC aka Shanghai Motors. The Chinese have recently taken a majority ownership in the venture and this ties into the other story I came across today…

In China Daily, the PRC large circulation mouthpiece, it was reported that SAIC is looking to boost domestic production of a domestic line. This cookie shows what China has done before and will constantly do to foreign companies that show up thinking they are gonna milk the billion + person marketplace that is China. Add to this that SAIC is already producing cars albeit for the joint venture,that are being turned out for EXPORT! Those vehicles have yet to start arriving in the USA but that is more a when than anything else. As it is they are showing up in Latin America which not for nothing should probably be a local and Detroit based initiative.

In closing this post isn’t about Obama Bashing or hating on GM and unions. Remember it isn’t about Right vs Left- it is about right vs wrong. With that said I think folks hoping for GM to be a new great future might want crack open another cookie.



  1. And if the vehicles are anything at all like Chinese AK 47’s? The utter reliability, low price, and functionality?

    Some damned Senator will get some anti free market law passed that once again screws the American people.

    Chuck Schumer comes immediately to mind…

  2. Alfie says:

    Patrick I’m a Panda Basher at heart so I don’t want the Chinese deep into the US market. I just don’t like the idea that GM is pegging its hopes on something that has proven folly.

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    You know a pool of dirty money is being poured through the GM coffers.

    Has anything really changed about GM? Has the union made the necessary concessions and admitted it was their quality of work, outrageous pensions and demands, and rotten attitudes that in large measure explained why GM went to hell since the 70s?

    It wasn’t just rotten management that played a role in GM collapsing. And the minute somebody pulls the plug on Government Motor’s assistance from Benevolent Barack, I predict GM will slowly dissolve.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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