Quick Frays: Candidates and Tax Returns…

For any sane person one of the craziest things the masses allegedly desire is total tax disclosure.

This latest QF is of course prompted by the chatter over presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s refusal to release his returns. In classic fashion every hump on the planet is playing the class warfare/class envy game and labeling Mitt a piece of shit. Mitt gets the double crotch kick since his daddy is often credited with starting this lame exercise of rich folks showing the poor and the haters (not necessarily the same folks) how rich they are.

This exercise is all about envy,a word folks have used previously to tar Mitt Romney. The tax disclosure game is a joke that shows how pathetic the American voter is. Anybody who thinks ANY persons 1040 is the force for vetting a leader deserves the leaders they get.



  1. who? says:

    yes those accounts in the Caymans and all the anti-gay Prop 8 contributions are going to make Mitt look really really classy
    So funny so see someone who’s not a 20%er let alone a 1%er try to defend him..

  2. Rutherford says:

    Alfie, I made a comment not entirely dissimilar over at my place. A part of me actually finds the demand for disclosure an invasion of privacy even though we all know privacy goes out the window when you run for office.

    But you probably make the better point … other than finding out your candidate is a tax cheat, what is really the point?

  3. Alfie says:

    Well R the only thing I could add to your comment is a question. Other than a Geitner or Ginnier what would a 1040 disclose that is damaging.?

    As for the dogs most recent pile.
    I doubt IF Romney donated to prop 8 he’d try to take the deduction.
    Cayman accounts are legal as are various other tax instruments like trust funds,just ask a Kennedy.
    true enough I am not a 1%er. I am however very much part of the minority % that DOES actually pay taxes.

  4. Tex Taylor says:

    Alfie, I’m a free speech proponent and all so don’t take this wrong and it doesn’t matter much to me, other than it really detracts from your otherwise fine blog and legitimate points…

    But when the moronic Dawg never adds nothing to discussion, the comments are irrelevant and nonsensical, half the time are nothing but prog monotonous rhetoric not related to the discussion at hand, and all of the comments are a generally a personal diss, what purpose does Dawg serve here?

    Aren’t you at least tempted to delete Dawg’s entries until he types something relevant to the discussion at hand?

  5. Tex Taylor says:

    As to Romney’s accounts being placed in the Caymans, I don’t understand why Dimocrats are not completely in favor of such. Many of their biggest donors do the same thing.

    If I understand correctly, the advantage is not tax haven but asset protection from foreclosure.

    Again, this signifies why I could never vote for a Dimocrat in a national election – their double standards are nauseating.

  6. Alfie says:

    @Tex I find his comments equal parts annoying and amusing. A number of his comments have been deleted or edited,when that occurs it is noted. He hasn’t been blocked secondary to at least not being overly offensive.

    As for the Caymans,they are known as some of the best in offshore institutions that are in full compliance with depositors nations tax codes,laws etc.

  7. Tex Taylor says:

    Oh, I wasn’t ask you to ban the moron. Dawg provides a textbook case of how stupid most Dimocrats really are and how Obama got elected to begin with.

    One more Obama election win will I guarantee take America into absolute ruin. Smart people know that, and I am willing to admit, it’s gone so far, a Republican win guarantees nothing but slowing the process.

    It’s just that Dawg’s responses are so mundane, offensive and predictable, a gentleman like you deserves better. 😉

  8. Half of American can’t figure out their own tax forms without their “Instant Loan” Tax Specialist drawing them pictures of it complete with smiley and frowning emoticons. I care less what any of the candidates tax forms say. Let me also tie in that I could care less who got a C- in college Spanish. I’m sooooo tired of this never ending primary from hell…………

  9. Raji says:

    Thanks for the link to the Cayman Islands. That was very informative especially the comparison to the corporations that use Delaware for the same purpose.

    Isn’t it the Republicans who are hammering on Romney’s tax returns? If he gets nominated then it will be the Democrats.

  10. Alfie says:

    Yeah I saw some folks spreading the Cayman line like a slur so I went to the source to see the truth. The Cayman Govt. has written Messr. Obama a couple of notes during his time in office but he and his are all in on the false rhetoric stuff.
    Indeed one of the things that is paining me regards Gingrich is how easily he’s embracing this angle for his run against Romney. I get he has to attack but I wonder if he and other (R)s are risking embracing a concept too far.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Raji says:

    The Cayman deal I’m afraid is going to be the red herring for Romney like the swiftboat deal with Kerry. The R’s need to keep the main goal in mind.

    I stop by often as your links keep expanding my existing horizons.

  12. Rutherford says:

    If I were a betting man, I’d say Gingrich is going to back off the “attack on capitalism”. During his interview today on Meet the Press, a news flash came in that Romney will release tax returns on Tuesday. Gingrich told David Gregory that if that does happen, as far as he’s concerned the matter is closed.

    The reporting that I’ve seen in the “lame stream media” has been fair on the Cayman deal. From what I’ve seen reported, taxes are paid on those funds and the main reason they are there as was mentioned earlier in this thread is to protect the funds from seizure in a bankruptcy.

    So bottom line, I don’t think the offshore accounts business will amount to anything. The bigger problem for Romney will be philosophical. Even folks who dislike the Occupy movement are not big fans of out-of-touch rich people right now. That is Romney’s albatross.

  13. El Tigre says:

    Gingrich’s “attack on capitalism?”

  14. Rutherford says:

    Tigre, to clarify, Gingrich and Perry attacked Romney for “predatory practices.” They got significant push back from many conservatives for “attacking capitalism and the free market”. To this day, Romney is accusing Gingrich of leveling a Democratic attack against him vis-a-vis free market capitalism.

  15. El Tigre says:

    R, that’s an attack on Romney, not capitalism. I guess you get that but not after circumnavigating the globe on why the narrative directed to the naive that venture capital is by definition predatory and unfair i dead wrong.

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