Quick Frays:Obama and shrinking government…

Is this guy f@#$ing kidding me?

The proposed attack on the Commerce Department is a good one but the cuts of up to 2000 people over a period of ten years pales in comparison to what Obama has added to the government. The Plum Book is not known for being a quick read and the Obama Administration has done much to fatten the thing.

All in all the Obama shrinkage is a nice idea but it is so completely wrapped in fallacy and bullshit I have nothing left but a yawn.



  1. who? says:

    82% of the current deficit was spent by republicans. Ask newt and DeLay.
    Want to cut ?- whack the military BIG TIME.
    No more big toys for last century-style wars….

  2. Alfie says:


  3. Great points Alfie. Using the obama and shrinking government in the same sentence defies sanity. Yes, I know, you were not the first…

    Last century type wars..? What ends up under the broad classification of unconventional warfare started one hell of a long time ago. The asymmetrical warfare model happens to be very expensive. Just look at the cost of training and equipping a Ranger or Marine. Not to forget the costs associated with insertion and extraction. Those big mean modern aircraft and ships etc.

    We will not even begin to go into the actual costs involved in training equipping and so on of a single Navy SEAL, or Special Forces trooper.

    And all those neat precision weapons? They too have a price tag believe it or not.

    There is no free lunch, and freedom is never free.

  4. Rutherford says:

    All in all the Obama shrinkage is a nice idea but …

    Why does there always need to be a “but”? Would you prefer Obama had proposed nothing?

    I think it galls conservatives every time Obama asks them to do something that they WANT to do because that means they actually have to support him for once. And sadly, they hate Obama so much that they will sacrifice their own ideals just to see him fail.

  5. Alfie says:

    You are the second liberal today to leave the but hanging.
    My full sentence is the reality. I guess I owe it to folks to define the fallacy and bullshit I refer to.

    *First the power to do the deed is as dangerous now as it was the previous time it was granted.
    *The cuts are entirely insignificant. Not saying they shouldn’t happen but they are mere window dressing.
    *This is pure campaigning on behalf of Obama. Part and parcel of his mini announcements he has been doling out of late.
    *Would the cuts actually have the impact O states? Unlikely given how the O himself has burdened the same businesses with environmental and healthcare measures.
    *I also think it pretty funny to allegedly cut a Department ergo taking a chair away from the Cabinet table but in the same stroke ADD two chairs back so there is a de facto two Commerce Secs at the table. WTF????

  6. Obama has raised defense spending every year he has been in office and has lots of new technology he uses to kill people with.

    And you have never said a single word about either.

  7. You’re smarter than this, Rutherford.

    How much money do you save on an item that is first marked up 15% and then goes on sale for 10% off?

    That’s why there needs to be a “but”.

  8. Tex Taylor says:

    How the hell would that be Dawg, being Obama has accumulated 1/3 of the deficit under his epic failure of a regime? Or is your math simply that bad?

    I would guess the latter.

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