Quick Frays: Newt Gingrich

“And so I’m prepared if the NAACP invites me, I’ll go to their convention and talk about why the African American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps,”

Like him,love him or loathe him that recent grenade into the crowd definitely caused a stir. Is it insanity or is it classic Newt? Is that synonymous? Well I don’t think that holds.

I actually found this to be the kind of in your face stuff that I  think Americans need from those they call leaders.



  1. who? says:

    Newt who?

  2. Rutherford says:

    Has Newt come up with some really good employment stimulus ideas for the inner city? No I don’t mean “stimulus” in the Obama sense. I mean anything new that might help get ghetto folks into paychecks and off food stamps.

    If he goes to the NAACP with some good ideas, more power to him and they should welcome him with open arms. He’s a man of 100 ideas. Surely he has some that can truly liberate the poor (besides having kids clean toilets).

  3. jonolan says:

    Insofar as Newt’s statement goes, it’s true and right. The Left has always treated the poor, especially minorities, as livestock that they shear for votes periodically.

    But, much as it pains me to agree with Rutherford or any Liberal, that statement only goes so far. If by a miracle it wakes up the Blacks and gets them thinking of opportunities instead of guaranteed results via handouts, great. Coming to the table with something resembling a plan, or at least a framework for one, would be a hell of lot better and more impressive.

  4. Jonolan nailed this one! I just had a kid get off the truck last month that, now that he has a way to get ahead, is all about getting the government out of his life. Born in an eastern ghetto, and black as an ace of spades he was instantly transformed into a conservative when he got his first paycheck. He had never had so much money in one place before. And that, as a student driver.

    In general, I like Newt. However, I also have some serious issues with him.

  5. Rutherford says:

    I’m glad Patrick spoke to this because it lays to rest the stereotype of all blacks looking for a handout.

    The fastest way to create black conservatives is to find some way to seed the ghetto with JOBS. I submit the black preference for Dems is for lack of a better alternative.

  6. jonolan says:

    I submit that the Black preference for Dems is due to generations of successful Dem propaganda and the Blacks’ own racism – along with a healthy dose of wanting a handout that they think they’re actually entitled to.

  7. Rutherford says:

    Great theory. Works real well for blacks doesn’t it? Tell me the last time the Republican party directly addressed blacks in their campaign rhetoric to attract them away from Democrats. Tell me what jobs programs (not welfare) have recently been advocated by Republicans that blacks have rejected cos they want their handouts. And please don’t cite pre-Nixon Republicans. We both know things changed after Nixon.

    The only part of your comment I agree with to some extent is the effect of Dem propaganda. I’m beginning to believe that Dem’s, hearts in the right place, aren’t coming up with any solutions either.

  8. jonolan says:

    The idea you insinuate only works if one accepts that Blacks really don’t believe in the private sector and want handouts, which would tie into part of my hypothesis.

    Let’s face it, statistically all Black businesses are small businesses (those that aren’t are lost in the “noise” and error factor of any survey) and the GOP is much better for small businesses the the Dems.

    In point of fact, have you ever seen or heard of a Dem program for the Blacks and Hispanics that didn’t aim at they’re being, at best, employed by someone else, usually a White?

    Look up the phrase, “Black money doesn’t bounce” sometime…

  9. Alfie says:

    Actually Rutherford you’re wrong. The Dems hearts are not in the right place as their motives are for their own power with little regard for black Americans. They “let” blacks feel they are in the game but the truth is the Dem plot for inner cities is nothing but illusion and wasteful tributes to a past that is long gone.
    You exhibit part of the problem when you say:

    Tell me what jobs programs (not welfare) have recently been advocated by Republicans that blacks have rejected cos they want their handouts.

    Other than ratcheting up the enterprise zone theory under Reagan and Bush (see Kemp?)I don’t know of any programs but I do know that the GOP platform of safer streets,less regulation and various improvements to the public ed system are things people in the hood no matter their skin tones actually like.
    No, as I reread Jonolans comment I think he is absolutely right. Dem propaganda has been highly infective and effective. As for his closing line I’d say one could buffer it to be that it isn’t so much a selfish & lazy angle regards feelings of entitlement but more that in two forms a system has been presented to them and they’re understandably like “Well?????”

  10. Rutherford says:

    Well now you’re getting closer to a reasonable analysis that doesn’t lay a broad smear across the black and Hispanic community. If Dem programs still keep blacks out of ownership, then it still remains to be seen what conservatives offer as an alternative.

    I guess my bottom line point is I can’t remember the last time I heard a Republican candidate go to an NAACP meeting or any other “black gathering” and tell them “What have Dem programs done for you? Ultimately nothing. So sign on to our platform and let’s start seriously attacking the problems in your community through education, job training and entrepreneurship.”

    Rick Santorum recently told a white audience that he wanted to stop giving blacks other people’s money and get them jobs instead. I would like to have seen him say that to a black audience. Not to get his ass whupped, but to wake up that community to the possibility that conservatism might work for them.

    I think the GOP views blacks as a lost cause, and that does not engender any sort of loyalty.

  11. Alfie says:

    Only because I’ve been doing some digging on the topic. Has the NAACP ever invited a GOP candidate/pol to address,speak,meet ??
    On the recent “flaps” the Urban Institute and NAACP are showing themselves to extremely and blindly partisan imo

  12. Alfie says:

    Rutherford since you’re around I need to ask.
    Did the line “soft bigotry of low expectations” ever move you?

  13. Rutherford says:

    I must admit I doubt the NAACP or similar groups have invited Republicans/conservatives to address them and that is a problem.

    And yes … the soft bigotry of low expectations moves me greatly. I’d even go so far as to admit that some Libs are guilty of this.

    I think long term welfare demeans people. I also believe most people want to earn a living. The problem I have with a lot of conservative folks is they blame the recipient instead of blaming the perpetuaters of the program. “Welfare queen” points no finger at government, but simply condemns the recipient.

  14. jonolan says:

    Why not “lay a broad smear across the black and Hispanic community” when there’s strong evidence to indicate that the “smear” is merely truth?

    Listen to their leaders’ rhetoric. It’s about entitlement and handouts. Listen to the Dems’ speeches to any minority gathering, they’re about about entitlement, handouts, and how the GOP is racist.

    Since both these leaders and the Dems are successful with this line of propaganda, it’s obvious that a large portion of the economic problems of the Blacks and Hispanics are due to their own racism and a healthy dose of wanting a handout that they think they’re actually entitled to.

    If a lot of them didn’t feel this way, they’d demand more or differing answers from their leaders and the Dems or they’d be a bit more split in their voting instead of being 70%+ Dem (95%+ behind a Dem Black).

    But in their defense, it’s been generations of well thought out propaganda that got them to this point and almost any group can be swung by such.

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