Mitt makes a bet and the Left gets stupid…

So I’ve seen a bunch of press and blog prattle about how POTUS hopeful Mitt Romney is out of touch with the common man due to his outrageous ten thousand dollar bet at the last GOP debate. The Dem darlings are already salivating at the perceived possibilities. They do this all along having more money in their wallets than the Main Street crowd they hope to dupe. Pathetic.

The one thing I haven’t seen is the celebration of the correct nature of the bet. Mitt big time PUNKED Rick “the pussy” Perry. He absolutely pawned him,sent him to bed without supper, dismissed him as a knob not worth engaging. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

“…ummm I don’t, I don’t gamble….” PUNK!




  1. whoverr says:

    Mitt – a Mormon, Newt a Catholic and repeat plianderer?
    The fundies are going to vote for them?
    The GOP is a failed party.

  2. Alfie says:

    Are you muttering that while sitting in the fetal position yellowDog?

  3. Rutherford says:

    Well you slightly misquoted Perry’s response. He actually said “I’m not in the betting business”

    I don’t say this as a lib but as an observer of optics. Romney was right on the facts but his bet created an incredibly awkward moment. They say in law, never ask a witness a question if you don’t know what his answer will be. If Romney had said “I’d bet you 10K that you’re wrong and I’d win.” it would have been much preferable to holding out his hand, offering a bet and then waiting for Perry’s response … which could have been a far more devastating one than it was.

    The other point to consider, which is not made invalid just because liberals might bring it up, is that tossing around $10K like it means nothing to you during a recession might not be the best way to win over “the common man”.

  4. Alfie says:

    Of all the candidates,and this includes Obama,no one is hurting financially. Specifically for Romney he isn’t gonna be able to hide from the re$ult$ of his $ucce$$.
    That people are trying to put running shoes on the shaky legs that is this story is sad and especially any number of the dishonest media and pseudo media humps.
    Bottom line I found strength on display where others see a flub.

  5. Alfie says:

    Oh yeah I know the actual response by Perry. I just found my words fit better with how he went from feeling his Cheerios to looking like a total pussy as Mitts hand hovered there saying “Ya wanna be POTUS be a man first”

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