Post Thanksgiving Day thinking in the Valley…

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SCOTUS recusal

Kagan yes,Thomas no.

USAF Major terminations

Reason 1,000,001 why military enlistment/discharge/benefit etc concepts need to be reviewed. Letting people go who will not be advancing is a reality in the military. I say NO to any lawsuits. YES to creating phased benefits levels for ALL military personnel.

Russian Birds

I don’t get how people gobble up YouTube like it was T-Day trimmings but there it is. Now a reporter who had some credibility by most accounts is out of a job due to shoddy production. If Ren-TV staff were as good as YouTube posters she’d be all set. I personally believe she was flipping the staff and not Obama.

Black Friday shopping

I don’t do it and I don’t think it is all that great an idea. Let’s face it folks it is based in evil through and through. Greed and stupidity are not virtues. Electronics sales on Black Friday are really no more than the manufacturers and retailers assuring the year end stock is flushed from their systems. Clothing items are all at prices that, contrary to what your tryptophan tainted brain state believes, will appear again at some time during the season. I don’t know maybe heading out with the crazed herds is comforting to some. I just don’t get it.

Occupy Clean Up

I had predicted it to be a by Thanksgiving Day thing. I wasn’t too far off. Anyone who still believes the actual occupation component of Occupy is credible is crazy. Every additional day is another day where taxpayers become foes and not allies to the ideas. I personally look forward to the first round municipal layoffs that can be traced to Occupy. I believe they are coming and I’m pretty sure that was never the intent of the Occupods.

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Hugo goes for the Gold

It is actually Venezuela’s gold that has been sitting in overseas bank vaults returning home to sit in Venezuelan vaults. Hopefully it will be well guarded and not under Herr Hugo’s bed. A great example of dictator leadership. “Hey we’re a global  murder capital and pretty much pathetic BUT our gold is home”!!  that rates right up there with “…yeah we’re killing innocent Africans but the trains are running on time”.

Some Real Turkey Thanksgiving.

I have stated a number of times that I find Turkey to be a very important nation. Recent happenings have done nothing to soften my beliefs. Iran has done some scimitar rattling lately,specifically stating it will strike US assets in Turkey if the US and or Israel strike Iran. I looked a little deeper into this and I am absolutely ecstatic that Iran is flexing its muscles against Turkey. Given certain Iranian actions in the area such as exporting clerics to the Caucasus area to support violent fundamentalism as well as the Syria issue that is bubbling regionally. Iran can do all the scimitar rattling it wants against the rest of the West,especially the US/Israel duo,but pissing off the Turks is ill advised. The former can only do so much due to political constraints,the latter will be cheered to lose all restraint and would absolutely kick the shiite out of Iran. Turkey vs Iran? I’m ready for the feast.



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