Who killed the Ragged Dicks?

The post title is a variation of the one for the linked CityJournal article. It is on the longish side but very thought provoking. I’d invite readers to check it out. I would also highly recommend people leave their prejudices at the door. The article requires some rumination but with an open mind. There is a common truth that those on the political spectrum of America should arrive at and I think this article captures it.

If nothing else perhaps the article can provoke some thought on where ones head is stuck. Again I found it very illuminating.

Who killed Horatio Alger



  1. Tex Taylor says:

    Interesting article Alfie. Did a nice job of summarizing our current situation and I have been seeing this situation build since the early 90s, maybe earlier.

    If you’re interested, this is how I see it


    If we lose our system of meritocracy, it is over with. We will quickly become statist Europe and we are getting dangerously close as the article correctly noted.

    We are currently being squeezed from both directions. Anybody that has worked in a corporation of any size saw the greed, nepotism and crony capitalism. And the Peter Principle, which I used to think excuse, really does exist.

    I believe it is fair to ask, “How much is enough?” Greed is killing us, and these Wall Street types don’t give a damn and are completely removed the reality of the middle class. They should – there may come a day people come looking for more than a handout. And all the clever attorneys and lawyers won’t mean a damn.

    On a personal note, it didn’t really matter seem to me how well I did at my job in Corporate America. Even during my best years and glowing performance reviews, my merit increase would be fraction percentile better than the the average. We were all rolled up into a pie and divvied equally, leading to a great deal of dissatisfaction and eventually, less productivity.

    However, and let’s admit this, half of this nation is both helpless and hopeless – and a college degree is certainly no indicator of real talent. Most of the dumbest people I know are educated.

    Too many people living on the dole; too much economic greed and corruption; too much government.

    I think the situation goes beyond changing the rules or regulations. This is a matter of the human spirit – or lack thereof.

  2. Alfie says:

    Thanks Tex.
    You make a good point about the human spirit and I think the article touched on it too via emotional responses etc seen in populism,perhaps best noted in the stats of how other nations pops view economic standing.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Alfie!

  4. Alfie says:

    Thanks Huck. You too. I’ve been laying low “e” wise lately.
    Take care to all as we head into the Holidays.

  5. Rutherford says:

    I’m arriving at this late. What surprised me about the article is it did not blame lazy Americans … or target inner-city value systems which is where I fully expected the article to go.

    Honestly, Alfie, the author goes in a very OWS direction pointing a clear finger at TARP and the unfairness that has compromised American’s faith in business.

    I think his prescriptions: school choice and elimination of loopholes are both right on target.

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