What’s that about paths?

So I came across this image due to blogroll friend Jonolan who was sharing it from the site noted within the image. I found this to capture a truth honest people can agree with. Whether you’re such a person,well so be it.



  1. guest says:

    I love it that the wingers are so stupid and blind. They won’t know what hit them.

  2. Tex Taylor says:

    I was hoping somebody had euthanized the Dawg and done the world a favor. Guess we weren’t so lucky.

  3. Rutherford says:

    The only honest truth this captures, Alfie, is the common root of both movements. The fact that every OWS ‘statement” in the left arrow is phrased to the detriment of the movement and every statement in the right arrow is phrased to make TPM look virtuous removes any “honesty” from the graphic. Honesty does not involve political bias.

  4. Looks just about right to me Alfie. Heck, I’m not even drunk yet. It’ll look even more right in about an hour.
    The POTR

  5. jonolan says:

    Obviously it looks right to me 😉 I won’t dispute that the verbiage is biased though. This Rutherford creature just doesn’t seem to be able to separate semantics from the underlying statements.

  6. Alfie says:

    Thanks to all for stopping by and adding comments. Rutherford I think it is important to note that my sentence went :

    I found this to capture a truth honest people can agree with.

    Not to quibble but I readily concede many of my writing shortfalls on a blog;however,I always choose my words very well and with serious intentions.
    That is the case here and I could easily go tit for tat on expanding on the one liners in the graph.

  7. You’re dreaming if you think these leaderless, directionless blobs of humanity are going to change anything.

    They aren’t doing anything to bring change.

    They aren’t striking enough. 1 general strike in 1 city won’t do it.

    They aren’t boycotting at all.

    And they aren’t taking part in our system of politics to bring structural change.

    All they are doing is making a big noise and a big mess. Nothing more.

  8. Rutherford says:

    True Alfie … and I usually read with precision so I apologize for not noticing that you wrote with similar precision. I can agree that it captured a truth. 🙂

  9. Sorry. Got drunk and it just got blurry……….

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