I don’t know how much it comes to but the US is about to save some $$$$$

So Palestine is now a member of UNESCO and as a matter of law and publicly disclosed statements from the sitting Administration this means there is about to be a loud sucking sound coming out of the UN till.

UNESCO which gets 1/5th of its budget from Uncle Sam will see that go bye-bye. Other UN agencies will also likely feel the loss if the Obama Administration steps up to its own position and the rule of law.

Lets see what happens.



  1. Who Noz says:

    Are you really really that dumb?

  2. Alfie says:

    I’m a lot smarter than your comment. Expand or leave me alone.

  3. Alfie says:

    60 million so far!

  4. This won’t be the first time the US has defunded UNESCO, and it managed to do just fine.

    The nature of what UNESCO does brings in a lot of alternative funding. This will hurt the US image more than it will hurt UNESCO.

  5. Alfie says:

    In relation to the UN Huck lets face it….nothing the US does helps its image. This post is about principles. I don’t approve of what the UN has become but that doesn’t mean I’m necessarily one of the “throw it in the dustbin” folks. I also think every nation on Earth should be free to conduct itself outside of anything the UN dictates,so maybe I am too conflicted to pass judgment.

  6. “In relation to the UN Huck lets face it….nothing the US does helps its image.”

    That’s because we keeps doing the wrong thing.

    Treat Israel the same as we treat the UN and watch that change.

    The UN crosses us, we cut funding. Israel crosses us, we do nothing and the checks still flow.

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