Tooning Out: 9-17-11


I am failing miserably at doing anything constructive on this absolutely beautiful day and as such I spent some time looking at various online versions of the weeks political cartoons. I do this from time to time and have posted things in the past. (see bottom). Well one that really got my goat today was this one:

I found this a very poor example of ‘toonage as it is so full of shit from any possible angle EXCEPT the one that has the most potential from becoming very real for us all.

Let’s jump in2 this a bit.

1.First of all,did I miss something regards GOP war mongering on the subject of Libya. I thought I was pretty much up on many of the GOP Presidential hopefuls comments on it. They seemed to be more semi-mindless Obama bashing than anything resembling actual policy points.

2.Libyan rebels win? Really? I think one of the nasty things that will be well known but readily denied is the extent to which this was all about Europe and Qatar and not so much the Libyan people.

I for one have no probs with Wacky Daffy being out but I’m not so sure what is there and coming is of any benefit to anyone other than the majority of Libyans in the mid term. I say mid term for a reason. The short term reality is that Libya is still in the throes of civil war. In the long term nobody truly knows what is in the cards,be honest now!

That leads us to the other point. What really initiated this Libyan Civil War? Sadly I think it is European desire, especially the French, with a side of what I’ll call Emir Flex.

3. Obama wasn’t a player? Sadly not one anyone will remember but he did indeed commit the US to killing some more folks and playing a role in a game we had no place given the fact that we’re very unlikely to benefit from the hoped for outcome. Sarko and Davey’s tour of Tripoli is proof of what is really going on and for who it is.

So there it is. Obama proved to be too analytical,hesitant and lacking leadership yet again. I actually applaud that he hasn’t put boots on the ground or more of an American thumbprint on the operation but he also definitely misplayed the game. He failed to see ahead and has lost an opportunity to be in the right place at the right time. Real Politik is a bitch,a game that when you get a seat at the table you’ve got to go all in or go home.