So many things wrong with this statement…


Iran’s Foreign Ministry called their release a gesture of Islamic mercy.

That is the official line on the release of the remaining two Americans from their illegal detention in Iran. Three wayward hikers taken hostage and ransomed off.



  1. I don’t like defending Iran…but isn’t it a bitch that there is a country in the world that actually enforces its border policies?

    Whether they were wayward or not…they were caught being somewhere they weren’t supposed to be. And it should go without saying that, in that part of the world…that’s a dangerous game.

    Maybe someone will tell them about GPS before they go out hiking again.

  2. Alfie says:

    Yeah but they were never spies,they were ransomed out not released due to benevolence on behalf of Ahmadinejad or the mullahs and on and on and on. You’re right though that they were arrested instead of shot like the Iranians do the drug smugglers which really just goes to show that the Iranians know exactly what they are doing.

  3. The mullahs enjoy the spin game as much as anyone else. I’m sure they would tell you that their gesture of Islamic mercy was shown as much by not shooting them like drug dealers as by letting them out “early” for “spying.”

    My ultimate point is that Iran didn’t go out and kidnap anyone, or even break into an embassy. They held people that illegally crossed their borders. And, after holding them for a time to show everyone who was in control of the situation, they let them go.

    I put 100% of the blame on the “hikers.” (Still not sure how much I buy that story.)

  4. Alfie says:

    …and made a profit.
    I don’t mind that the Iranians detained them initially hell I even approve of the concept. What I don’t buy is that Iran wants to be seen as a decent,respectable nation and instead of dumping these three losers into the Iranian version of an ICE proceeding they fucking played a game that ended with a ransom being paid.

  5. Sovereignty is a real bitch and Iran isn’t the US. They aren’t going to waste their time with an ineffective agency like ICE. Punishment isn’t punishment unless it is effective. And you can bet those hikers won’t be returning to Iran the way those that are captured by ICE return to the US.

    I just don’t see how holding someone that has broken the law is considered “kidnapping” any more than I see bail being “ransom.” The US does both hundreds of times a day and nobody blinks an eye.

    If Iran wanted a ransom, don’t you think they would ask for more than $1 million? That’s nothing in the world of state-level finance needs, regardless of what state it is.

    I think everyone has their panties in a bunch because it is Iran. The fact is they don’t have ICE, speedy trials, or expectations of reasonable bail. People who don’t like that are free to not cross its borders.

  6. Alfie says:

    I think in a real world conversation this would be far more enjoyable.
    First I’m all for Iranian sovereignty and as you may well remember I’m very much in tune with how politically savvy the Tehran folks are.
    That being said.
    Iran actually does have fairly speedy trials.
    On a less lighter note I am getting that “e” frustration thing thread dialog causes.
    Are you really of the belief that the holding of these three was not politically motivated?
    As for bail v ransom I just think the spin fails. This is akin to the Islamic blood money thing. Sure it can be seen as a type of justice but in this case it is so purely a politically motivated finger in the eye. I never put forth that this ransom was meant to be a financial boom to Iran. This was always about the Tehran crew being in an upper hand scenario,the hikers mere pawns with America and whoever ponied up the $$$’s being pwned

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