Obama & Co.: Are they f@#$ing crazy or stupid?

Yes that is actually being offered as a serious question. I was surfing the net and came across the chatter on the Obama campaigns Attack Watch.com thang.

So I let the fingers do some clicking and found a number of examples where the BHO Boyz fall flat in their insanity.

One example is the sites attack on the alleged RedState attack regards the Obama admin. & the US automakers bailout. This is most classically seen via the Government Motors line is looking at GM in particular although it obviously involved Chrysler as well.

Well this is where I stand on this,please feel free to chime in.

1. Not a fan of Red State,in fact I never willingly patronize the place. The “attack” post in question though is more true than the Obamabots would ever admit. In my opinion it harps on half points and focuses on the aspect of the story other than what the O-bots are trying to claim as their own. What I mean by that is both sides have a nugget of truth and are screaming about it. Neither side is seeing the full picture or at least admitting it is there.

2. The supporting articles the Obamabots use are actually not all that supportive. Again this is evidence of a partisan divide. In the case of the O-bots they try to put out that We the People have been paid back. This is blatantly false. They proclaim many many jobs were saved. This IS TRUE; however, this appears to be at the cost of $57,000/job saved!

3. So what is the full picture? That the two rescued US automakers are making crap cars still and still owe America amounts they will likely never,ever be able to repay. The decline of the Big 3 is still assured with the most likely to die to be yet another division of GM and eventually Chrysler,third times the charm on the latter. Ford and elements of GM,especially Chevrolet will sooner or later survive. The benefactors of Japanese natural and man-made disasters and a continued stagnation of the global economy. Under no circumstances can I see the Chinese or Indians tooling down the streets in Volts let alone Silverado’s,Corvettes and F 150’s and that flies directly in the face of a line from the POTUS’s big speech.

I think I’m gonna love perusing Attack.com

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  1. Tex Taylor says:

    Both…but I might preface that by saying most are crazy, leading to stupid.

    Many are simply stupid. 🙂

  2. Alfie says:

    Probably,on the green jobs front China now controls 70% of global production,yet Joe Biden thinks America can beat that due to our schools,government and work ethic. That is crazy stupid!

  3. Simply put, they are stuck on stupid.

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