The Top 10 reasons the Northeast is experiencing so much natural phenomenon…

I’m offering the top ten reasons on why the Northeast has experienced the recent bout of natural phenomenons. Tornado,earthquake and now Irene what can be causing it all?

10. The Joooos

9. Islamic jihadists

8.Three words: Bush,Cheney,Haliburton

7.Somebody left HAARP on

6. Obama

5. It’s all the fraking fraking for frakes sake

4. The Masons are implementing their evil plan.

3. Too many people praying for Perry,God’s angry.

2. Nothing is really happening the government is issuing false reports to lure us all into FEMA camps.

1. Just normal stuff folks



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    That’s right – the current regressive meme is that it’s all God’s will and there is nothing we can do. Flail hands supidly in air.

  2. Alfie says:

    I have to say that when I saw some saying its the End Times I threw my hands up.

  3. That meme works pretty well when Obama needs an excuse for his ineptitude, as well. How many natural disasters has he blamed so far for his failure to act or succeed?

  4. Tex Taylor says:

    You forgot the first one – Dawg being allowed to comment on blogs and walk the earth. If that isn’t wrath of God stuff, I don’t know what is.

  5. Tex Taylor says:

    And I’m still flailing my arms “supidly” in the air.

  6. Alfie says:

    Have to admit I hadn’t noticed that Tex.
    If you would,seeing as I know you take faith seriously,do you get bothered by how there are those that seem to pimp certain Christian concepts? I know Robertson was misquoted by some but I saw some other folks screaming Rapture? I often feel one of the biggest obstacles to staying on track is how there are those on both ends of the religion spectrum that make it a crazy world.

  7. El Tigre says:

    This along with the drought/heat spell is being reported by some at MSNBC as proof of anthropogenic global warming (n/k/a climate change). There is no God.

  8. Tex Taylor says:

    Tigre and Alfie,

    Do you want to read an absolutely beautiful take down of AGW from no other than a screen writer?

    You’ll like this one…it has been my experience nothing is effective at fighting progressive politics than simply laughing at it. You can’t really debate with most of them, because they are generally devoid of sense. So resort to something they do understand.

    Krugman Against Science

  9. Tex Taylor says:

    Absolutely Alfie – I get even more frustrated with loons claiming Christianity for all the wrong reasons, and demonstrating profound ignorance than I do the militant atheists.

    In fact, I got so disgusted with it, that I officially dropped out of regular church attendance some years back, arguing with nitwits and stating that they are an embarrassment to our faith. I’m a Conservative Protestant and would love to find a church again, but the only church I have walked into the last five years is a parish conducting a Mass with my wife.

    So I spend my Sunday mornings listening to taped sermons from the best preachers in the world. It’s a selfish act on my behalf, I’ll admit.

  10. I thought it was the CERN Large Hadron Collider ripping a hole in time and space? BBC now reports that Dr. Who has prevented that disaster so I must be mistaken and it’s just plain old Bush’s fault again.

  11. Isn’t it always Bush’s fault..?

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