Live Blogging Irene and the Northeast Armageddon thereof…

Well not really;however,I have to say that the impending arrival of Mother Natures little girl has sent the East Coasters in2 a tizzy and it is disgusting.

The Big Apple Circus

Nanny Bloomberg has shut down the subways. Not for nothing but for those that think the Naw’lins Katrina transportation debacle was an important lesson to learn,err couldn’t the subway system prove important for downtowners making an exodus to the highland of Harlem?

Can I get a bottled water please ? No?!

I cannot believe how people well inland have cleared the shelves of staples. To some degree my surprise should actually be muted due to the storm scares we have over the winter,but I can’t do it. People there is a definite line between sane preparedness stoic Yankee-ness and bat-shit crazy hype sucking loserdom. Many have crossed that line by a mile.

Rational thought has been evacuated by way too many Americans. Let me know if you find any,I’ll pay to have it shipped here.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Meanwhile Cantor and the rethugs are demanding any storm costs immediatly be balanced with cuts.
    Part of the GOP plan to take down America.

  2. Alfie says:

    My thought on this post was that it was to be more light than political. Alas that failed due to a slam at Bloomie and the overall tie in politics has on the wussification of America.
    You offer another tie in regards Cantor. Like it or not his view is consistent as evidenced by none other than MediaMatters
    Your outrage rings a little hollow for me. Expand if you would.SVP

  3. Alfie says:

    2 hours of no electricity,some tree limbs down on the estate,a million leaves and twigs in the pool. Hit the supermarket afterwards,plenty ’nuff stuff on the shelves. Goodnight Irene .

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