90% Super duper tax….Never happened…

I’ve always found it fascinating that so many people beat the Eisenhower 90% tax drum so loudly. In fact Ike was not the only POTUS who saw the highest tax bracket nearing 90.

Anyway all along it has been a thing with me that this amounts to a total crock,the 90% thing that is. I have been scouring government docs with a primary focus on the years 1950-55.  I see no evidence that there was a plethora of folks paying the top rate. So the rate was in the books but NOBODY was paying it. The USA in ’51,’52 and ’55 in fact saw less than 1% of the income earning population earning over $15,000 (1951 &52) and $25,ooo (1955)

By all means you can continue to like Ike but puhleeeze stop using his legacy as a means to justify class envy and insane tax policy.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Eygpt, Lybia Tunisia, Izreal, London, Wisconson – class war. Be warned.

  2. Charlie says:

    I don’t think that you can compare what happened in the Arab World to London, most of the rioters in Britain have no idea who is in Government, let alone what their policies are.

    The rioters here went on a rampage simply because they could. They finally realised that society was completely reliant on their goodwill, good nature and compliance, with no way of enforcing anything.

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    I never worry about survival gear or consumer staples if the need arises. I’ve got Yellow Dog’s home address. 🙂

  4. The people of Wisconsin have rejected union attempts at class warfare.

    Get over it.

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