Alfies Electoral Playbook VI


A quick query regards the GOP Presidential picture for 2012.

Romney,Perry and Bachmann. I think these three hold the cards right now,what about you?



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Mitt – too Mormon, too moderate
    Perry – HAHAHAH dumb as a stump
    Bachmann – same folks that loved Palin in 2008 – same chance of being a winner – zero.
    Looks like smooth sailing for POTUS OBAMA

  2. PanAm says:

    An “eventual” Republican team composed of Mitt and Perry, — with whomever in the top spot would apear to be at this point the best ticket for the Repubs… Just sayin’…

  3. Alfie says:

    Agreed,I actually think the trio is an example f the eventual pairing.

  4. Alfie says:

    I can only agree that MB is not a likely POTUS.
    On everything else I have to disagree with the lip service exception of your take on Mitt;however he can over come that,especially seeing as he is already running against Obama as opposed to worrying about others.

  5. I have serious doubts about Bachmann being a serious contender this time around. She may be able to move platforms some though.

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