The Bridge that goes too far…

America’s Birthday,another year older and closer to the grave.

Politically speaking perhaps I’m late getting to the table on this one but….

The Made in China SF/Oakland Bay Area bridge is the final kick in the ‘nads that was the cherry on the irony sundae leading up to the 4th for me.

I am by no means a grand supporter of Keynesian economics but I do still appreciate that the government should mind the store on big public works projects. Granted with the decline of America our recent public works projects are a pure shame and a stain on our legacy,Boston’s Big Dig for a prime example please.

Still by allowing the builders to contract out pre-fab to a nationally owned Chinese company that has never built a bridge before, for savings of only $400 million seems a little screwed up to me.Those that praise this thing are suspect in my book to be some of the same folks that support politicians here in the States that support unions,heavy-handed regulation and monopoly busting. Things that are essential for the Chinese to pony up a winning bid.

This project is a testimony to how badly America has skidded down the bowl. I say that because I don’t believe We the People have been so willing or ignorant to it’s happening and have resisted when and where possible. Still there has been a total bipartisan fucking of our national interests and it needs to stop pronto if our kids are to have anything other than a dismal existence as serfs to the Chinese.

In my view there are a plethora of components to why this bridge is such a symbol of what is so wrong….let’s lookie look.

In no particular order:

1. The Chinese have serious issues with quality control for a number of reasons. (corruption,costs,greed,simply sucking)

2. We are actually assuring the death of America jobs when we go to this level of outsourcing. At this level we don’t just kill jobs but we eliminate industries,knowledge and independence.

3. Whether it is this bridge or baseball caps America MUST take the moral stand on slave wages.The typical wage for a skilled worker on this bridge project is $12/day!!!!

4. Almost every other nation of any standing (and some that are 3rd world holes) have moved to the export driven economy. We have not contrary to what many may think. We are still very much a consumption driven economy. We the Pigs in the trough are literally gorging ourselves to death.

In closing out this quick post I have to take exception to President Obama and his followers belief that green jobs will save America. We’re outsourcing the construction of our fucking highways! You really think we’ll be making our solar and hydrogen cells?

As is my way I’ll actually offer a solution to our ills and not just be a complainer.

1. Mirror Canada on corporate tax rates.

2.Go back to the drawing board on a base line health care program. Basic preventative health care access and access to catastrophic care insurance is the way.

3. Whilst the Chinese are holding a ton of our debt thinking they have us by the shorties let’s turn the tables. Let’s get into a tariff war with these folks and if they scream laugh and get all post WWI Europe on their asses.


****On an update I added the image from the media files. It IS not the bridge in question!!! It does however symbolize our infrastructure and the future of America quite well in the spirit of the post.



  1. Alfie posts a cognate, thoughtful piece… And no responses at all till my truck breaks, and I have access to the internet.

    Might this be a modern “Allegory of the cave?”

  2. Alfie says:

    thanks Patrick.

  3. Tex Taylor says:

    I can give you a different example with the same results Alfie. How long do you figure Chinese are going to work for slave wages making products for Americans?

    Sooner or later, they are going to figure out all this stuff we buy from them on cheap (and I’m not talking about public works projects) is going to stop being exported and start being consumed.

    We will see hyperinflation – it’s inevitable, because cheap goods are going to get a lot more expensive due to a weakening dollar. The Big Dig was such a national ripoff, I can see the days of large public works projects being made private.

  4. Alfie says:

    Thanks for stopping by Tex.
    Yeah there are a number of stories out there of how it is exactly true that even under slave wage standard of living the Chinese people are a burgeoning consumer class. This won’t be good for us in the short term or likely the long term either.

  5. Alfie says:

    ****On an update I added the image from the media files. It IS not the bridge in question!!! It does however symbolize our infrastructure and the future of America quite well in the spirit of the post.
    China and Iran have entered into long term contracts for infrastructure,minerals,general trade that is valued at over 4 billion dollars.
    Reason I bring this up is:
    a) Sanctions against Iran? How is that going for the workers,investors of the West?
    b) As we teeter towards default China will always come out on top by expanding its markets.
    c) How’s China’s expanding global influence grab ya folks?

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