in2 the recent presidential Euro Tour…

One thing regards the recent multi-nation tour by POTUS Barack Obama really stuck out for me as it raised a bunch of flags on something I’d been checking out. Then out of the blue I was wondering around through old posts and had another Ah ha! moment.


There was some press regards the US,NATO and Poland relationship. There was also obviously very partisan rhetoric from all sides on the relationship of the US and Poland. This struck me as interesting as whilst this was being doled out to the masses for soft consumption there were far more exciting developments in the east of Europe. The V-4 agreement to joint military exercises outside of the auspices of NATO. WTF?? does that even mean? Well I’ll tell you.

 V4 is the cute term for the Visegrad Group. You see some time ago Poland,Czech Republic,Hungary and Slovakia formed an alliance. Modeled like a mini EU, economic and cultural aspects of the neighbors were its focus. Well now it has decided to embrace defense as an issue. Further it has committed to exercises with NATO as well as without.

What does it matter? Well in the ever evolving world order former Soviet vassals seeing a need and fulfilling it independently should at a minimum raise an eyebrow or two. How Russia,NATO and others respond to the roll out of this development is yet to be seen. I think however it decidedly speaks to a growing belief that US hegemony,reliability and all in all Pax Americana is down and out.

France a better ally! No the UK! no…..

Well that has been trounced during the latest trip which included a faux pas fest in the UK by Mr Obama. He now stresses that Cameron,the Queen and England rock. I don’t think the Brits forget as easily as Obamas handlers seem to hope. see previous Fray with related



  1. hoboduke says:

    The world is recognizing that the current USA is more worried about throwing over 2 bit dictators in small countries, Also, Hillary Clinton is not the most visionary Secretary of State. She wasted most of her time ridiculing military leadership in senate hearings. It is scary if the generals have more understanding of international relations, then our executive branch.
    President Obama does not grasp the significance of priorities in our freedom. We need strong allies to remain free. England was left waiting for their official invitation to meet the new President. Israel was left outside purposely while policies were hatched resurrecting the “peace process” of Bill Clinton. This “peace process” distracts from protecting freedom by supporting sympathetic allies. Poland lost their leader, because he was suspicous that Russia was trapping him by subversion with the jet airliner, so he forced the pilots to fly to their death. The fear of the Russian Bear rising up again is not a children’s fairy tale. This is a real fear. Obama has no clue.

  2. Probably more to what Hoboduke posted than most realize. The epic failure that is obama is basicly sending old, and new allies on the fast track to membership in the tossed under the bus club. At extreme peril for all Americans, as well as those that still trust us. What few those are…

  3. Charlie says:

    No, we Brits don’t forget the slights. Many people here still think of him as the US President that hates Britain, regardless of this visit, myself included.

    That said though, I did feel a little sorry for him during his toast when the band started playing the national anthem too early and left him looking a little silly, it wasn’t really his fault (although you’d think he’d have recognised the tune? But I guess what else could he do?). But he realised what happened though and handled it gracefully. I couldn’t imagine Cameron having the wits to make the best of a similar situation.

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