Any Lefties have a different thought? Rand Paul edition:

I’m only bringing this up due to seeing an older post during an image search here at the blog.

I used that image to question people’s perception of then candidate Rand Paul. The thinking behind the art was clearly a rah-rah moment for left of center types and self-proclaimed progressives.

Well I’m wondering what some of those same types think about Senator Paul and his attempts to make right such things as Patriot Act abuses?



  1. jonolan says:

    They will ignore of course, just as they will ignore that it was the Dems who forced it through without a proper debate or vote.

    They are the domestic enemies of America and, like their allies such as Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hamas,they care little or nothing about what is right. How could they and still be America’s enemies.

  2. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Like his daddy even a stopped clock is correct once in a while. Then he turns back to insanity.
    A rabble rouser who will never get anything actually done.

  3. I think the book has yet to be written on Rand Paul. He is not his father, and I for one will sit back and observe. I do like his Second Amendment positions so far. But, that only goes so far. The issues addressed by him about the Patriot Act were backed by several other Senators, just not enough of them. That’s more than can be said about his whack job fathers many motions etc…

  4. Alfie says:

    Patrick I agree with your closing statement in full. He is NOT his dad.

  5. Alfie says:

    I think sometimes people put too much stock in any given legislator getting something on the books. Especially in the setting of recent political stagnation a rabble rouser is a good thing because we all clearly need some specific conversations to be aired out.
    Paul on the Patriot issues is a good example as is Ryan on Medicare. Their positions may not be the best but they bring up the much needed discussion.

  6. Very true Alfie. All to often it seems as though politicians just follow along so that they can be part of the “in crowd” as it were. Gadflys are always needed IMO for the express purpose of stimulating thought if for no other reason. Not having such is what brought us: ex post facto law, Rights denied based upon less than extreme mental illness or less than felonious behavior, expansion of authority that is clearly unconstitutional, and institutional mysandry (sexism.) Among other things…

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