Robert Reich is big mad…


“The Prez and Ds caved in, endangering the recovery and strengthening the right-wing bullies. A tactical win for Prez and strategic loss.” Robert Reich on twitter

I found that very interesting and thought-provoking—-thoughts?



  1. jonolan says:

    My thought is the same as always -the Liberals are America’s domestic enemies and know this about themselves. Else why would they decry any form of compromise?

    It’s time to admit that this is a war, a war for America’s children’s future, and treat the Liberals accordingly. No American should speak to these filth other than to pass sentence upon them prior to pulling the trigger..

  2. Alfie says:

    You seem to be more on edge lately. One thing you can say about Reich is that he is indeed a die-hard Keynesian and fervently wants everyone else to buy into it.

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