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In regard to Japan and a one liner I penned in my post In2theweekend 3.11-3.14

It STILL SUCKS to be in Japan. Japan offers the ultimate onion of potential posts,layers and layers that is to say.

A nation that in real time is failing as an economic power. A people facing international pressures regard many topics not the least media paranoia on radiation. Internally displaced and damaged citizens muttering their disgust over the nuke plants getting the attention and resources as opposed to the tsunami and quake victims/infrastructure aid etc.

The past  shows us that Japan can surmount the obstacles of economic and nuclear ruin. Can they do it again?

In revisiting my post Iranians Rule I am forced to believe I truly hit that one out of the park folks. They are still sitting pretty in the muck that is global chaos.

In a definite update of sorts is how contrary to my line that Bachmann can’t raise ca$h so is not to be seen as a serious 2012er. I said it in Alfies Electoral Playbook 5 and I am sad to report that it appears she can raise the $$$. I swear to God I will move to Canada if she gets legs and some type of nomination.

On anyone of my Libya War posts. Well I fear I am proving to be right there too. Some may disagree but on every level I think the facts bear me out.

  1. It is truly more a European issue.
  2. The USA has been weakened by Obama
  3. The UN truly sucks and is truly pathetic under arms.
  4. It is no simple matter.

As for linkage on those the posts are some of my most recent and easily found.



  1. Alfie says:

    One thing that must be said. Ivory Coast=1000 civilians killed,French forces take airport but fly no sorties.
    This is an important update to post entries as well as comments I’ve made.

  2. Alfie says:

    And the fucking insanity never ceases. America is out,NATO is in….but now the US has to in again for 48 hours ‘cuz NATO SUCKS!!!!!!!!

  3. Alfie says:

    In keeping with the self imposed statutes I have…. Looks like the UN and especially France has jumped in2thefray in the Ivory Coast fighting. The UN calls it acting under its mandate and stresses it hasn’t taken sides,I’m not buying that. They’re in,will they be all in?

  4. Alfie says:

    Also regards Libya sorties. Seems like we’re out. We’re just flying recon,AWACS and fueling missions….$$$$$$$$

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