Libya oh Libya…


Let’s be real this is what everyone said falsely Iraq was about. O-I-L.
The Euros get over 80% of their oil from Libya and countries like Italy and France have big investments there. I don’t think that equates in any manner to any ones reality based views on Iraq.
This is about oil and €’s for Europeans and their slinky willingness to gamble the UN worldview against a better candidate for one world dominion.

I said this over at threesurethingsinlife in a comment to his post and I felt moved to plunge myself.

The backgrounders

Libya is in civil war but not a Revolution

That is what I think anyway. The people are divided between what they see themselves as. By this I mean it isn’t just repression that gives Gaddafi support any more than its just a desire for democracy driving the rebellion. The rebels of Libya are not offering a revolution even though they are indeed trying to unseat a dictator.Nuance,nonsense?? Whatever I just don’t see this as anything other than a very internal and very Libyan affair.

My 80% math was a mistake but…

Isn’t that refreshing? Somebody on the Net willing to admit a mistake! Wow! The 80+% I had in my head was that Libya sends 80-83% of their production to the EU. This makes Libya the number 2 crude provider from outside of Europe proper and #3 supplier overall,meeting over 10% of Europe’s oil needs.

Just for the record the EUs top 5 oil givers are:

  1. Russia
  2. Norway
  3. Libya
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Iran

These 5 nations make up 66% of EU crude supplies.In comparison the US imports 51% of its petroleum and the top 5 in order for the USA are: Canada,Venezuela,Saudi Arabia,Mexico and Nigeria.We actually pony up 49% of our own stuff.

The UN is pathetic and needs a win.

Does this even need exploration? The fact that NATO is violating it’s own charter just to keep a job is pretty shameless too. Psst NATO you did your job,now go away.

Reneging in austere times?

The Euros have investments in Libya,especially the Italians. The Euros also have many entities within their realm that the Libyan Investment Authority are holders of to the tune of 70 billion dollars .The latter being especially tasty given the Euros recent slamming of the LIA. So let’s be clear,the Euros are not paying dividends or allowing the Libyans to access their money to the tune of 70+ BILLION. Italy of course is getting the shaft but the Euros don’t mind throwing Silvio under the bus. Lastly the European governments,decidedly center right, albeit there is the Euro context to that,have recognized the Libyan opposition and have taken steps to escalate against Gaddafi. This is the funny part of the austerity argument. € woes got ya down? Start military operations against the Libyans!I don’t get it.


Two toons I planned on using over a week ago but never got around to them. Well seeing as Obama finally got around to a decision.


I could have actually been relied upon as a source of Presidential support as Obama considered,hesitated and pondered the Libya situation. In keeping with the toon he has now at least decided to put some of that free hand into the goop. Some will say he should have especially since many consider his hesitation and timidity to be a synergizer to the whole North Africa/Middle East protest movement. This is amply seen in bipartisan and international debate and scorn on the alleged hypocrisy of US policy as it pertains to say Libya,Egypt and Yemen compared to say Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. This is also the point where he loses my support. I cannot support intervention in Libya.

Sadly as I tapped away at the keys earlier today other keys were being tapped. The French and others have started flying sorties falsely called no fly zones as they have attacked land assets. France is in open alliance with the rebels. The USA on the other hand have launched Tomahawks against air defense assets of Gadaffi this is more true to the concept of no fly zone enforcement but is obviously fraught with the danger of striking innocent Libyans.

So from inception to publication the world has moved too fast and too far for my liking or for me to keep up. Well I post anyway.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    of course the Iraq war was about oil – and dubby’s ego.
    The only important oil number re Libya is that it provides 2% of world oil. Oil is a world market – that number is the only one that matters…. 2% wont make or break anyone.

  2. My only fish to throw in this pond is that the U.N. gets no “win” here. What did the U.N. provide? A rubber stamp? The U.N. needs to go the way of the League of Nations and just disappear. Replaced with a conference of all the standing head of governments of all the nations. They can meet bi-annually on nonsense irrelevant issues and call it a day. The UN is a joke and so are most of their “Blue Helmet” missions of irrelevance.

  3. Alfie says:

    Yeah I’m not touching the stupidity of that comment dog.
    Meanwhile at the grown up table….tomahawks fly and Gadaffi releases the jewel. that Libya will defend itself from Crusader aggression.
    @POTR I’m just thinking Ban wants something on the books he can call his own and god knows the UN wants and needs something that makes them seem relevant. Meanwhile Rasmussen or what ever his name is over at NATO is doing what he’s doing meanwhile Sarko is doing what he’s doing. The latter being the head of a nation with a bad history on NATO but definitely desires the EU power thing.
    Short answer though,I agree with your stance on the UN totally.

  4. Alfie says:

    Missile count is over 100 per the Pentagon.
    Although I found Frances stance on burkhas and hijab as well within their rights,and not a bad idea as I hold to the mantra that “Sovereignty Matters” I did find some hypocrisy when Nick said

    “In Libya, the civilian population, which is demanding nothing more than the right to choose their own destiny, is in mortal danger,” … “It is our duty to respond to their anguished appeal.”

    Destiny choice? Oui Clothing choices Non!

  5. Alfie says:

    a recommended read Economist
    Not fully Libya events related but very very good.

  6. Alfie says:

    The decision has been made that the mission is regime change in Libya. The strategic sequence is the routine buildup to war since 1991, this time with a heavier European component. The early days will go extremely well but will not define whether or not the war is successful. The test will come if a war designed to stop human suffering begins to inflict human suffering. That is when the difficult political decisions have to be made and when we will find out whether the strategy, the mission and the political will fully match up.

    Read more: The Libyan War of 2011 | STRATFOR

  7. Rutherford says:

    I heard the same stat as Dog …. Libya supplies only 2% of the world’s oil.

    Now … the reason we don’t go bomb Bahrain is that they and their buddy Saudi Arabia do have lots of oil. So oil does explain our inconsistent application of “humanitarian” assistance.

  8. Alfie says:

    OK if two are gonna fall for this I suppose I need to address it.
    2% of the worlds oil is an irrelevant stat for the discussion at hand.
    That Libya provides over 10% of Europes oil is more relevant. The fact that Libya comes in at number 9 for worlds proven reserves is relevant. Numbers can be tricky.

  9. PanAm says:

    Regime change appears to be the decision, as you indicate, Alfie, but as you seem to suggest, whatever transpires in the process might come out quite differently than envisioned by the powers that be… Would not be surprising if military actions were mainly based on political calculations leading up to Election 2012…

  10. bvilleyellowdog says:

    “OK if two are gonna fall for this I suppose I need to address it.
    2% of the worlds oil is an irrelevant stat for the discussion at hand.
    That Libya provides over 10% of Europes oil is more relevant. The fact that Libya comes in at number 9 for worlds proven reserves is relevant. Numbers can be tricky.”

    what crap = oil is a world market – half the imported oil in the world goes thru Amsterdam – nobody gives a crap where is comes form.

  11. Alfie says:

    Actually as I stated in the post the 10% figure comes directly from the EU. It is truth not crap dog sorry buddy.

  12. Tex Taylor says:

    What do you do Dawg? Make up crap on the fly or get your talking points for the day early morning from Graychin?

    Here’s the facts. The year before the Iraq War, America received 4% of its domestic imports of petroleum from Iraq. 4% of imports, or about 2.5% of our total petroleum usage.

    Iraq’s imports to the U.S. now rank right below Algeria, slightly ahead Angola. In 2010, we imported approximately 4% of our imported oil from Iraq, with a slight increase of 10,000 barrels per day more imported from Iraq over 2009 levels.

    So what was that again Dawg about America deposing of Saddam for oil?

  13. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    “half the imported oil in the world goes thru Amsterdam – nobody gives a crap where is comes form.”

    If that is true, then why did you bother with…

    “The only important oil number re Libya is that it provides 2% of world oil”

    If nobody cares where oil comes from then nobody cares that Libya only supplies 2% of it. If it is the only important number, then I guess some people care.

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