In2reviewing:NPR Teacher seniority


I enjoy finding stories in media that at some level distances said outlet from its own stereotype. Such is the case in some ways with this story I found on NPR. It looked at the issue of Teacher Seniority. It offered lines from all sides and overall was fair,sound reporting in my opinion.


It did have at least one nugget I found a little out of line.

Many Democratic education reformers see seniority as an obstacle to reforms that favor more effective teachers. At the same time, Republican governors in Wisconsin and other states are trying to reduce the power of labor in the name of fiscal austerity.

Perhaps I take this too personal or allow NPR’s jaded history to cloud my judgement,no matter how warranted that is.

The GOP has been on the forefront of creating public education that this nation not only sorely needs but deserves. I find the comparative points here to be untruthful given the deeper realities.

“Many Democratic education reformers”???? They are an insane minority to the union ass kissing 20th century model shitbag majority that is the Democrat Party. True (D) reformers like Obama’s Ed Sec Arne Duncan are vilified.

As far as Walker & Co. it is patently untrue to think fiscal austerity is the only reason they are trying to reverse the corruption that is the strangle hold of public unions,especially in Wisconsin.

Education is an area our two party system should and easily find common sense points. Looking to attract and keep the best teachers regardless of how long they have paid their union dues is high on the list.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    the regressives never did like education or broadcasters who do not hew the same line as the faux-noise GOP-teabagger propaganda channel.

    GOP credit for education??? What a joke. They cut it and subvert it at every chance…..

  2. Alfie says:

    Yeah dog,vouchers,charters and allowing professionals who don’t hold the absolutely worthless masters in ed actually teach are all GOP concepts and are all concepts that are better than the Dem supported village and early 20th century mook models.
    As for calling me a regressive….your shallowness knows no end does it?

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