Alfies Electoral Playbook V

GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates

Mitt Romney: Could/WOULD win against Obama. Can’t win primary as of March 2011

Sarah Palin: possibly win primary,have ass and head handed to her in general.

Pawlenty: Nada Nada imo

Barbour: This is my out on the limb candidate. Could win both.

Gingrich: Spoiler and by that I mean spoil the election for the GOP. I don’t think he can win either but could if he got out front set the tone. That tone would then be used by the (D)s to defeat whoever stands for the general even though Newt wouldn’t be running.

Christie: I think he’s gonna go back on his word and jump in. I think he’d lose a general against the D machine unless he gets a butt load of money.

Huntsman,Santorum,Bachmann,Thune,Huckabee and Daniels. All losers unless something really wild happens.

Huntsman too outside the box,VP potential but there is a recognition problem.

Santorum could add conservative cred with definite liabilities as a VP. No POTUS potential in ’12

Bachmann. See Gingrich. Can’t raise the dough. Palin Bachmann ticket? SCARY!

Thune. Could jump up more so than the others imo.

Huckabee. I hate this piece of shit so I won’t make odds. A spoiler at best which is one of the reasons he’s a POS.

Daniels. The name recognition of Huntsman the primary problems of Romney. Non starter? Yes!

So the bottom line for me as of March 2011????

Romney or Barbour for President.

Thune,Santorum or Christie for VP



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    In summary the rethugs have a pathetic line-up…. Obama has to be laughing.
    Four more years with a landslide.

  2. Rutherford says:

    Thune has already dropped out.

    Barbour running gives me a warm chuckle. The slave vs the plantation owner. Could you imagine a more bizarre contest with Obama against Barbour with that thick Southern accent, hailing from the cradle of American racism, and in total denial as to just how bad it was back in the early 60’s. No doubt about it, a Barbour/Obama contest would be most entertaining.

    I’m also getting a major kick out of hearing Democrats “praise” Romney for Massachusetts health care. ROTFLMAO. Hanging the poor guy with his own rope.

    You left out one major possibility Alfie …. what about Donald Trump? 🙂 More seriously you also overlooked someone else who swears he’s not running but is being wooed big time …. Jeb Bush.

    But I give you credit Alfie for going out on a limb this early. We’ll see if your theory holds out.

  3. Alfie says:

    On Trump…He’s so fired before he tries and on Bush I don’t think the country,as stupid as many are can go that deep into legacies these days. Very little comfort in it.
    Thanks though for the compliment on jumping in2 things early.

  4. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Jeb’s handlers have told him that the GOP has no chance in 2012. Give him credit he has more brains than Dumbyah.

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