And todays Obama Pail goes to….me?

I’ve been accused of being guilty of carrying water for Obama before so to some it won’t be a big surprise that I post this. I was on the web this A.M. waiting to start my day,details of that would prove humorous but this is a quasi-serious political blog so perhaps a different time on that. Anyway the story that caught my attention was how the Obama Administration has announced certain easing in US/Cuba relations. Some highlights are:

  • Allow religious organisation to sponsor religious travel to Cuba under a general licence
  • Allow accredited institutions of higher education to sponsor travel to Cuba
  • Allow any US person to send remittances (up to $500 per quarter) to non-family members in Cuba to support private economic activity
  • Allow remittances to be sent to religious institutions in Cuba in support of religious activities
  • Allow US airports to apply to provide services to licensed charters

Of course this action has its detractors not the least being Florida Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. For the purpose of this post I hold her out as an example of some very wrong thinking on the Cuba issue. As fucked up as the Castro regime is it isn’t going to go away via sanctions. If a person really wants to change Cuba peacefully it is best done the same way we have changed Germany,Japan,other Latin American nations and to a degree even China. Capitalism and freedom. More infectious seeds have yet to be devised and are time-tested and true.

The USA’s policy on Cuba has failed. Although I readily concede the posture has proven beneficial at times the stubborn grip on an ideology borne of the 1950’s has actually weakened America and been a key point of strength for the Castro regime.

Story inspiring this post includes: BBC