A question….

The question came to me due to recent events and I finally went public with it in the form of a comment at PanAm’s blog. I wanted to pose it here as well.

I’m wondering if anyone else is having this thought…

Remember post the VT shootings the media was all about not using the guys name under the premise they shouldn’t glorify him in any way shape or form?!?
Anyone else seeing a near polar opposite on the MSM’s appetite with this story line?

I think it is a very valid point and is perhaps a crucial link in the group think on the greater subjects of gun rights,right/left and political hypocrisy and the effect on the common man.

Anyway that is an example of how the Tucson incident is rolling around in my head. More to come….



  1. PanAm says:

    Good points, as usual,Alfie…
    In a somewhat related case, recently read about John King making a big “to do” about a guest on his program using the term ” in the cross-hairs” and King wanted everyone to be aware that that term was “non grata”… Others have mentioned that CNN had in the past used the same term regularly and no one was accusing it of having been responsible for the shooting in Tucson — so any person anew using the term ought not be worrisome for John King…
    Certain segments of the news media jump-on-bandwagons as a herd, and run this way and that, regularly not being logically sound/sensical/consistent…
    Just my 2 cents worth, Alfie

  2. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Don’t sell guns to felons and the insane. Don’t sell any gun with out a search of the federal database. Make gun dealers responsible for EVERY gun.

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