Arizona on my mind….again


Arizona seems like a nice enough state to me. I mean I don’t know from personal experience since I’ve never been there. Like any state it has its ups and downs,its problems ,its pros and cons. Perhaps it is the heat,dry or not, or it’s becoming a state in the 20th century (1912) that nails it to the wall as the whipping boy. I don’t know.

I do know that Arizona is for the most part minding its own fucking business though and trying to exercise its sovereign rights. So whether it is the illegal immigration law it passed, its lack of enthusiasm for MLK Day in the past or the recent shooting in Tuscon I for one,way back here in the East am thinking of Arizona and I think we should all get off their backs.


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  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Make guns available to any nut and flog hate 24/7 and stuff happens. Nobody has to “pin” anything – it is clear. Actions have results.

  2. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    Lack of action has results, too. Like when police should be dealing with a nutjob who had been reported on multiple occasions, but don’t.

    Had that shit-talking sheriff done his job, that gun would not have been legally available to this guy.

    And tell us, dog. What 24/7 hate-flogger influenced him to commit this crime?

  3. Asking the dawg for a fact? You might as well profess a belief in unicorns.

  4. HF nailed it…

    BiW..? No unicorns..? Tell me it isn’t so!

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