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The Left is all lathered up over GOP Eric Cantor’s chat with Israeli leader Netanyahu. “It’s treason” they shout and “hypocrite” the proclaim. The former they do with orchestrated zeal discounting Nancy Pelosi’s violation back in 2007 the latter whilst downplaying Pelosi’s act while at the same time trying to magnify Cantor’s act as far more egregious.

Pro Cantor

The money shot used by the anti-Cantor brigades is summed up with this:

“Eric stressed that the new Republican majority will serve as a check on the Administration and what has been, up until this point, one party rule in Washington,”

The word check is the large nail one can hang your pro-Cantor hat on if you so choose. Congress by Constitutional mandate is indeed meant to serve as a check and balance of the Executive. It is also to be said that the Obama Administrations policy towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been more one-sided in the spirit of the Euro-centric and anti-Semitic themes that are so in vogue.

The Cantor conversation can also be seen as a mere confab as opposed to the Pelosi/Assad sit down. The statements from Cantor also seem to be well within the lines of the results of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s marathon talk. The Israeli government is reviewing an Obama proposal that the settlement freeze is extended and direct talks initiated. The Palis don’t like this. The region,especially Iran will not like the price tag of billions of dollars of advanced fighters to keep the IDF in the top-tier of defense and power projection. With that playing out,where’s the treason?

The anti-Cantor

I think there are at least two angles to this topic. The pure anti-Cantor one and what I’ll call the anti-Jew. The two have extra subsets and in total I’ll do my best to get the point out.

The anti-Cantor breaks down as follows:

Actual concern over a possible Logan Act violation.This will not have legs as the politicians have no taste for it.

Hate and angst over the GOP taking over post the mid-terms and general vile hate from the Left.This is the biggie and plays into the last.

“Smear smear smear and keep the Obamamessiah clean”

The anti-Jew

Anti-Israel,this is joined by pro-Palestinian attitudes. These people are pathetic.

Anti-Zionist,these folks have some credibility but rarely know how to articulate it properly.They are often confused with the anti-Israel crowd,the are different!



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    ***comment deleted secondary to a lack of attribution. For the jist of it see:Salon/

  2. Alfie says:

    Is that the Atlantic piece? You should really attribute your cut and pastes.
    I think you and they fail to recognize that Pelosi’s trip was indeed in direct contradiction to Administration and majority Congressional positions. The Cantor episode does not as I’ve pointed out how exactly.

  3. If Pelosi wasn’t even tried for what she did, then it’s case closed for Cantor.

  4. Alfie says:

    Yes indeed Patrick. I was having a bit of a discussion with the yellowdog at his spot but now my comments are disappearing.

  5. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    Big surprise…..

  6. PanAm says:

    Well explained, Alfie… Pelosi getting together “over there” with Assad was at best outrageous, but nothing came of that with her…
    Cantor saying the legitimatelyobvious was just that… Not the same at all, not even in the ballpark…

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