Blog Memorial:Hippie Professor


Just came across some news ,that in light of my professed cynicism in my previous post, had some extra umph in its symbolic punch to my face.

A member of the blogroll and by all accounting a decent guy the Hippie Professor known in the real world as James Dougan has passed away on

I had some good conversations online with him,enjoyed a number of his posts and of course railed against a number of others. I had some nice gentlemanly moments as well as a spat on one thread and follow up post that was pretty nasty.

In the shadows of anonymity that the internet provides it is easy to forget sometimes that there are real human beings on the other end of those pages,threads,comments etc.

I hope his loved ones can find peace and the strength to move past this loss. For me I’ll lift a glass and say God Bless,it was indeed a pleasure to have met you HP. Rest in Peace Jim.




  1. Rutherford says:

    Well Alfie there is a distinct difference between the miners and Hippie. Many of us thought we “knew” Hippie so his death has been like a death in the family for many of us. I agree with what you said in your prior post … a lot of the outpouring for the miners was manufactured and over the top.

    Where Hippie is concerned, I haven’t read an insincere word about him all week.

  2. And unfortunately, as we age, we have this to look forward to.

    The thing is, he’s left behind a body of work showing how he thought about certain subjects, and how he defended those ideas.

    It got me to thinking and reviewing some of my own work, and I started to think that it would be good to start printing some of those things off for my boys, so that they could know and understand what Dad did all those years when he was banging away on the keys of his aniquated laptop.

    Maybe we could start a blog where we all contribute some of our best work as an online memorial of sorts?

  3. Rutherford says:

    Interesting idea BiW. There is software called blog2print which actually allows you to create either an e-book or hardcover book of your blog. I played around with it a bit but lost patience with it.

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