The Verdict is in for Stewart v Colbert…

The Verdict

I’ve decided I actually like Jon Stewart. I didn’t like him back in the day of the late nights and ratty leather jacket.Now a days though he serves a purpose. I’ll say there are times when he drives me nuts. All in all though I find him to be not a bad guy. Sure he leans Left but he takes a jab or two at them,so I give him a thumbs up.

Stephen Colbert on the other hand is a complete and utter douche bag who not only isn’t that funny but in his pursuit of the yucks is so fucking unoriginal he should be shot for the sake of the comedic arts alone.

The topper in this case?

Watching Stewart with the King of the Hashemite Kingdom,or whatever Jordan is officially called versus Colbert testifying before Congress. The former showed some class and served as a genuine source of information on a serious matter during serious times. The latter could’ve taken the same route (although I disagree with the premise) and pissed on it instead.



  1. Natassia says:

    How anyone could take the Democrats in Congress seriously after this debacle, I’ll never know.

  2. I dunno. I enjoyed the fact that the Dems made themselves look like asses for calling him, and that Conyers displayed all the class and tact that made him a symbol of the open sewer that is Detroit.

    If Colbert had any presence of mind, he should have retorted by asking if he gets conjugal visits with his wife.

    Mean? You bet, but he is as big a scumbag as they come, and I wouldn’t miss the chance to remind him of it.

  3. And why am I thinking that BIC is holding back..? The whole dang thing is just embarrassing for America IMO.

  4. hippieprof says:

    Alfie said: Stephen Colbert on the other hand is a complete and utter douche bag….

    Conservatives certainly don’t like Colbert much…. I suspect because he does such a spot-on imitation of a conservative…. The one being paradied rarely finds it funny.


    (BTW – I am on record saying that Colbert testifying was a big mistake – even if I do find him personally funny)

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