The terrorists win…

I have to open with that I think Terry Jones is an idiot,media whore and all round ding-a-ling.

I will also state that the world really needs a Bar-B-Quran-a-cue and it needs it for one simple reason. The world must put an end to the ridiculous notion that the Muslims are allowed to unilaterally call the shots.

I’ve confronted Islamophobes on the internet and in real life and this post is not my abdication ;however, it is the truth.

Dateline Islamabad

Let’s look at Pakistan and their Interior Minister Rehman Malik.Here are excerpts from Pakistan’s big daily The Nation.It reports on a letter the minister sent to Interpol.
Rehman Malik in his latter said that burning of Muslims’ Holy Quran is a big crime and any such attempt would put the global peace in jeopardy.

So let’s be clear here. The burning book is an inanimate object. The absolutely irrational response is not.The burnt book doesn’t jeopardize peace,the reaction does.

…and termed this act as a crime against humanity.

I’m sorry. A burning book is a crime against humanity. Mmmm have you taken a good look at the Taliban lately.It also must be noted that in most of the world burning a book isn’t illegal.

“Interpol must play its role to stop this heinous criminal act, as it will bring irreversible damage to world peace, especially when the world is fighting a war against terrorism,”

I respect the reality that many Muslims are indeed involved in the fight against terrorism. Sadly it is equally true that an overwhelming majority of the terrorists the world is at war with are….Muslims.

…halting the insane so called priest for committing this highly criminal act.

a) he is possibly insane,definitely a dick head. b) it isn’t an illegal act.

“Muslim Ummah would be outraged by such an act and feelings of the Muslims must be respected,”

MUST BE RESPECTED!!!!!! Which is the same reason we’re wrong when you want to stone a woman. We’re not allowed to visit a certain city.We can’t give out a Bible in many if not all the predominantly Muslim nations. Hear hear you all wrote the fucking book on respect.

Make the stories go away.

So many sound bites,so many images and so much wasted life went into this story.One of the most outrageous ones was that of Angelina Jolie speaking while on tour of the flood ravaged Pakistan. She makes it a point to speak out against the circus that is Dove World outreach all the while submitting to an asinine cultural rule.

I’m usually a supporter of the adage “when in Rome…”but I’m really not feeling it anymore. I hope I can get it back.Perhaps I can when I am assured every Muslim women in the West that would prefer not to wear a burka or hijab is allowed to enjoy the freedoms of the nation they reside in. Like France,Britain,Australia or the United States of America.

Jon Stewart.

I don’t watch too often but I did catch one where he lampooned the whole Ground Zero Mosque debate. He basically concluded with humor the reality of things. No matter what….the jihadists win. Remember that the next time you ponder the definition of terrorism.When someone else takes action or merely puts forth threats that in the end alter your behavior and/or beliefs you have lost something.

We have lost something and I dare say it isn’t a little thing.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Will bigotry and hate win? That is what Jones represents?

    Symbols? Like slabs on court house lawns?

    There are no Christian terrorists? You might ask an Iraqi – or a Vietnamese.

    …Book burning not illegal? No, and likewise not flags.

    Dense boy dense…

  2. Lou Peterson says:

    I agree that the book burning is NOT illegal. And, though it may seem as though “they” won, I say it is a problem much deeper than the obvious. It is a problem stemming from how this country is run. It’s politics. It’s politicians. I believe we, as a country, need to get our personal spiritual house in order, re-learn why our founding fathers genius, and apply the principals to our vote. YES, that’s a tall order, but, it has already started.
    Ask yourself the following question… Why is America great? No shallow “cuz” answers. If you can’t answer that question, I suggest you study the constitution and our founding fathers. Then, YOU will not need someone to tell you what our politicians actions mean… You will know from your wisdoms.

    Thank you for listening. Come visit me at for similar moral, political, conservative commentary.

    Lou Peterson

  3. Natassia says:

    We are a country of Dhimmis.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day where the President of the United States would actually urge a rinky-dink pastor of a rinky-dink church in the middle of a rinky-dink town not to burn some Korans because of the possible threat it would pose to national security.

    Cowards, all of them.

  4. Natassia says:

    Look at Jolie, submitting to Islamic law by wearing the hijab. It’s abhorrent…this woman, who has no shame in bearing her body on a movie screen covers her head in respect to sharia–the penal code that sentences apostates and blasphemers to death, treats women as second-class citizens, and criminalizes consensual sexual acts between adults.

    A little something died in me today. I am so terribly disappointed in so many of my countrymen–especially those in the government–especially our leader.

    I can’t even imagine what our soldiers in Afghanistan think right now about their Commander-in-Chief Obama and their other Commander General Petraeus.

  5. Rutherford says:

    I never thought I’d live to see the day where the President of the United States would actually urge a rinky-dink pastor of a rinky-dink church in the middle of a rinky-dink town not to burn some Korans because of the possible threat it would pose to national security.

    Scary …. Natassia and I agree on this.

    I just wrote an article on this … Ed Schultz, one of the libs Natassia no doubt loves to hate, went on a rant this evening that basically said Obama was very badly advised on how to handle this. We should not have the leader of the free world addressing the potential actions of a two bit attention whore nutjob in Florida.

    Think about it, this nobody got EVERYONE to jump. He got a call from Gates! So there’s now a running joke on Twitter about what we should all state as our quid pro quo for not burning a Koran. For example …. I’d say … If I don’t start making some more income in the next three weeks, I’m burning a Koran!

    Tonight was a circus topped off with the arrival of Donald Trump on the scene. And yes, I confess that if you look at my Twitter timeline I got as caught up in the craziness as a lot of others. But I do admit it was craziness.

    Personally, I kinda hope Jones burns the Korans and a bunch of crazy Florida Muslims decapitate him on national TV. Then this simmering religious tension that’s been going on for the past three months can come to a nice explosive boil and we can get it out of our system. 🙂

  6. Natassia says:

    Yes, I’m thinking about how this nobody got everyone to jump.

    The elites of this country (the Obaminator and Cronies) are downright TERRIFIED of Islam.

    That’s why I called them cowards.

    Funny how you make the obnoxious assumption that I love to hate people, and then you spew crap (or at the very least–a joke in poor taste) about how you hope Jones is decapitated by some Muslims.

    Really, Rutherford, I think you are missing the main point here. It’s not about the media circus over a guy seeking attention. It’s the government’s outright fear of what a little book burning will do: namely, expose Islam for the nasty, violent ideology that it is. “Religion of perpetual outrage” indeed.

  7. Ind says:

    Let me tell you that as free people we need to have more and more such symbolic acts against islam. It s a fallacy that few %age are terrorist, all muslims are and support their act. Being so far away fom muslims u American do not have any idea of what these guys are capable of.

    And the worst part is the moment one tries to stand up against them our political org. and lefties starts shouting at the top of their voice.
    BTW i am not from USA

  8. Natassia says:

    Ind, like the typical suidal nutjobs that they are, lefties will call you a bigot, stick their fingers in their ears, and sing “lalalala.”

    Don’t they realize that they are treating Muslims like children on the brink of throwing a temper tantrum (or setting the house on fire)?

    The “radical” Muslims already want to kill us…that’s why we call them radicals. But what the conclusion these “open-minded” and “tolerant” lefties don’t realize that they are inevitably coming to is this: there’s this sleeping monster in the mainstream Muslim community that just might be woken up by an offensive-enough act like public Koran burning.

  9. Alfie says:

    BYD I don’t think you’re even trying. Your comment doesn’t make any sense to me in context with the post. Please feel free to try again.

  10. Alfie says:

    Jones calls of the burn….Muslims still get their crazy on.
    Now I’m still of the school that you have to appreciate the small numbers involved in the events in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At the same time you have to appreciate the reality that the radicals have great sway amongst those that really,really honestly could care less about anything other than whats on their grocery lists.That is how terrorist still win. These freaking guys just can’t lose.
    Change your habits, they win.
    Kill them,they win.
    Counter them in small numbers and get your ass kicked,they win.
    Build a Mosque,they win.
    Blow up a Mosque,they win.
    Burn a book,they win.
    Don’t burn a book,they win.

  11. Natassia says:

    The pervasive liberalism in the West has created a Wonderland where everything is upside-down and ass-backwards…which is why the Islamic world has strengthened exponentially since the 1960s.

    If you burn the Koran, they don’t win except in the eyes of liberals. Liberals are the ultimate appeasers described by Winston Churchill. They don’t see Islam as the greatest enemy. They see conservatism (that which conserves traditional CHRISTIAN values as historically espoused by Western Europeans and Americans) as the greatest enemy, and they’d gladly lay the “right-wingers of Christendom” on the altar of Islam.

  12. *claps*

    Thank you, Alfie, for acknowledging the elephant in the room. No matter what, the terrorists win.

    They won on September 11, when air travel changed forever. My wife used to travel by air a lot. My son used to LOVE to meet her at the gate when she came home. My son lost a basic delight, and whether we are any safer is debatable.

    They won when our leaders felt they had to go out of their way to discourage retaliations against muslims here, and act were we lost because we learned that our leaders had so little faith in our ability to be who we are.

    They won when our leaders gave Islam a de facto preference to support the notion that they really are a religion of peace.

    They won when our government started to look upon American citizens with more suspicion and distrust than the practitioners of the religion in whose name we have been attacked for more than 30 years.

    They won when the idiotic actions of a nobody were perceived by our government as a threat to our security and foreign policy.

    They won when legacy news outlets refused to publish pictures of their prophet out of fear of provoking these peaceful people.

    They won when we saved them from the more ambitous and evil among them while subjecting ourselves to numerous restrictions that went beyond respecting their culture to submitting to it.

    No matter what…they win.

  13. Well dang! I was about to post, then read BIC’s… Ya’ nailed it Barrister! Very well done indeed!
    Alfie, if I may; to BYD;

    1: Bigotry and hate? You just described Islam. As well as that Pastor IMO. BTW, I have been shot at by those creeps more than a few times in Israel and Africa.
    2: Symbols have meaning. If they didn’t then why the heck do the Muslims get so worked up over cartoons and such..?
    3: Never have I seen Alfie, or anyone else state that there have been no Christian terrorist’s. Vietnamese and Iraqi’s? You have to be kidding! Ever hear of the Inquisition..? Oh, and as far as the Viet’s go? I was Lima Company, Seventy-fifth Infantry, One Hundred and First Airborne. I saw firsthand what peaceful types those commie terrorists were. Ask an Iraqi Kurd about gas attacks….
    4: We agree, book burning is not illegal. It is however immoral when seen in a historical context. I also disagree with the book bans in Canada, and elsewhere. Liberty and Freedom, most especially in the realm of ideas and thought are a natural human right. Big government authoritarian types will, of course disagree with me. So be it.
    5: See number 2… Then look at number4.

    Dense? You believe Alfie is dense? I know better, and no, we often disagree. But Alfie is anything but stupid, and just for your information? Alfie, like myself, is a retired Paramedic. You don’t get the shiny Gold shoulder patch by being dense… I think that you are nothing more than a troll. Got a problem with that? Refer to number 3…

  14. Natassia says:

    @ Mr. Sperry

    Is that a good thing? 😉

  15. Alfie says:

    Patrick:All set. I will open up my personal life a bit though. I’m not a retired paramedic. I did it for 12 years,mostly in an urban 911 system. I burnt out.It was kind of a shock. My coping mechanisms were always healthy ones and I never saw it coming.In the final year I hated calls and had the sympathy/empathy levels of a rock.The big shocks were when my oldest kid got hurt and all I saw was a patient,not my kid. I also was overly clinical when my mother passed after a long illness. That’s when I said…I’m out.

  16. Alfie says:

    “What happened to freedom of religion?” asks Fay al-Shimary, an 18-year-old of Iraqi descent who just graduated from what some locals call “Hizbollah High” – after the Lebanese Shia militant group – in Dearborn and now plans to study pharmacy.

    “We live in America and we learn about their religion. We don’t want to burn their Bibles or generalise about Christianity,” she says from behind lashings of mascara and a tight white headscarf, despairing that many Americans associate Islam with terrorism.

    Sadly this doesn’t pass international muster Fay. I wish you a successful career in pharmacology but I can’t help you with your despair.

  17. kk, thanks Alfie. I thought you did more street time than that. The point however, is still the same.

    Natassia; Depends on your outlook on life I suppose!


  18. bvilleyellowdog says:

    …the terrorists are winning and the right wing neocons are thier enablers…

  19. bvilleyellowdog says:

    “I saw firsthand what peaceful types those commie terrorists were.”

    Errr yeah we invade thier country – be it Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan and they get down right nasty.

  20. Alfie says:

    dog,chained to your partisan rhetoric and revisionist history you are incapable of engaging the comment from Patrick fairly or the thread itself.
    I appreciate you must have better things to do in the course of your day than comment here,but I’d still advise you to comment more honestly and intelligently for your own good.
    For example as pertains to Vietnam. You can disagree with it all day long;however,you shouldn’t forsake reality. For good or bad,right or wrong Vietnam was two sovereign nations and a war erupted,again good or bad,right or wrong.Also I can’t help but stress that regardless of how one feels about policy to paint the servicemen with a broad brush indicates a special level of evil in ones heart.

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