The phoney and dishonest anti-war movement…

In a textbook example of how ridiculous fringe elements of either end of the political spectrum are I offer up the anti-war movement.

From the get go it was really nothing but a bunch of hippies trying to reignite the passions they had in the late sixties. They had everything they needed. War and a GOP President. The latter being far and away the most important thing. That’s what makes the anti-war movement so pathetic.

There are those that point to the anti-war movement of the early 2000’s as America at it’s best. I’m not one of those people. The anti-war movement as with most anti- anything movements in the USA are amateur hour stuff. They almost always consist of a mix mash of elements that individually couldn’t tie a shoe,collectively though,they get on the news and give the majority either fits of anger or belly hurting laughter.In the end they prove ineffective with but perhaps one mark in the victory column throughout our history.

One of the phoniest aspects of the anti-war movement is how they are anti-GOP and anti-America more than war itself. With Obama in office and the Dems flailing in the majority in Congress the AWM can’t be relied on to camp out on a Chicago street corner bitching to the Prez about dead sons.The fact that the AWM has amongst it ranks those more devoted to socialism than America is also a reason for their silence. They have the economy,immigration and health care to rant about,who really cares about something that when you get right down to it only effects no more than 2% of the population,a % that they don’t care about anyway.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Is there anyone who actully believes that Iraq was a “success”? Or that Afganistan is going any better?
    4000+ US dead. 40,000+ maimed.
    Trillions wasted that we could ill afford.
    Iraq democratic? Christian? Loyal ally? Source of oil? No, no, no, and no.
    The only “success” I can think of was the initial one in Afganistan – after which time we sholdl have left. There will be no more there.

  2. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Phony and dishonest? WMD? Al Queda in Iraq? ….. lie after lie – and not from the left.

  3. Alfie says:

    Seriously though.
    Iraq is the #5 OPEC supplier to the USA per eia
    The rest of your comment whether valid or not doesn’t really pertain to the realities the post is based on.

  4. Natassia says:

    I always understood war to mean attacking and killing bad guys and defending the good guys.

    But now it apparently means to nation-build for people who hate you.

  5. Is there anyone who actully believes that Iraq was a “success”?

    Sodamn Insane no longer draws breath. That is a start right there.

    Trillions wasted that we could ill afford.

    Unlike the Stimulous Package, which will dwarf the cost of Iraq before we’re done, which didn’t work as promised (but makes the unions happy, so what the hell…)


    Yellowbitch, the Kurds are outside. They’d like a word or two with you.

    Al Queda in Iraq?

    Yes. I know people who actually fought them and captured their operatives. And having trained military fighting and killing them there vs. having AQ here, killing civilians? Priceless.

    For civilized people and nations we have diplomacy. For everything else, we have sheer brute force and shock and awe.

    When you’re ready to grow up, we’ll make a place for you at the adult table. Until then, have a cookie and go play outside.

  6. Alfie says:

    Perfect. Five days post the end of combat operations the much decreased US forces were called into action.

  7. Natassia says:

    There really are only 3 common sense solutions to this (disregarding factors such as civilian casualties and “war crimes”): taking over Iraq and making it a United States territory, saying “good riddance” and leaving the Iraqis to fend for themselves, or razing Iraq to the ground.

    Otherwise we’re going to be there, risking American lives, for yet another Islamic state who enjoys persecuting Christians and homosexuals.

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