Man I hate reporters some times…

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So I saw an AP/Yahoo article titled:SPIN METER: Republicans hot, cold on Constitution

The premise of the article is that Republicans who want to propose amendments somehow dislike the Constitution. It even goes a step further in demonizing the GOP’ers by pointing out that the Dems have offered far fewer amendments and a majority of them are on one pol.

The thing is though amendments are a real and legal concept in accordance with our Constitution. Although I can give the reporter their due in that most of the amendments amount to populist posturing this too is still ok. Amendments don’t come easy but proposing them doesn’t make you an enemy of America or a hater of the Constitution.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Most of those GOP amendments involve taking away rights. The only amendment I recall that actually did that was the one prohibiting alcohol. Remember how that worked out?

    Yes most of them out there are pandering to the rabble – nothing more.

    Repeal the 14th Amendment?

    ***Edit alert…..I loathe to toss it in but it IS the point byd is trying to make
    DailyKos /JoanMcCarter
    As an entry that was just too long byd.
    I do think there is one major shortfall for those that are opposing the repeal of the 14th. You all seem to be under the delusion that the illegal part means nothing. I find Joans rant interesting but ultimately false.

  2. Natassia says:

    Repealing the 14th Amendment is a bit “extreme”, I suppose. But there are elements of it that can be tweaked, such as elaborating on what “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” is supposed to mean.

    I wonder what rights it is that GOP amendments are trying to take away.

    I can’t help but think that oftentimes people try to make wants into “rights.”

  3. Natassia says:

    Don’t forget, children born in the United States to one or both parents who are Mexican are in fact citizens of Mexico and subject to the jurisdiction thereof…thanks to the Mexican Constitution.

  4. Alfie says:

    Yeah along those lines I have to admit I’m lost on how dual citizenship has become such a norm. My best friend in the real world is a naturalized US citizen (early childhood),veteran,all round nice guy. He also holds a passport from his birth country that he got well into his adulthood.He routinely uses both when traveling to avoid “issues” to his advantage.

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