in2 toon time…

Not always light and cheery political toons can cut to the quip. Here are three examples.

From the UK’s Independent

From my local

and last this one

I found these three to speak truths on a few levels. One can look at the artists work and get some pretty clear intent. I think one can also delve a little deeper even if they are newspaper editorial toons and not something at the MoFA/Boston.



  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    1) Yup. Shows the limits of US power. We can toss out someone. But we cannot impose a government let along a democratic one. Nor a religion. The national infrastructure is on ruins. Electric power? Garbage collection? Clean running water? Nope nope and nope.
    Meanwhile the withdrawal is a fraud….

    2) The 1st amendment is a bery liberal idea. Does it include anonymous hate mongering? I don’t think it should include anonymous political contributions either. But those things have a way of getting out don’t they? Just ask Target… Or ask the second biggest owner of Faux Noise who made a big contribution supporting the mosque. Has Faux covered that yet?

    3) Yup not good. Remind me again what the GOP plan is? Tax cuts for the rich?

  2. Hucking Fypocrites says:

    1) Iraq is left in that condition because of the actions of Iraqi’s (and other imported insurgents), not because of the United States. When infrastructure things get fixed, the next day they are destroyed. It is in the interests of insurgents to cause havoc with the infrastructure because it makes the central government (and the US efforts) look bad.

    2) The 1st Amendment includes just about any speech. Period. It includes speech that people don’t like. It includes liars who can claim they have recieved congressional accolades, and yes, it can include hate.

    3) This toon is off base because it insinuates that Obama listenes to the economy when it is painfully obvious that he doesn’t.

  3. Alfie says:

    #1. Iraq as we know it today would not look like it does were it not for the US military.
    1a. There should be some effort to view the departure for what it is. Obama will keep his fingers crossed that the short attention span theater folks see the departure as a good thing. That he got the troops out. Connected to this he obviously hopes the place doesn’t crumble and that the 50k left aren’t sitting ducks.
    Sadly if one ferrets out plausible articles such as:
    You can’t help but believe we have lost a lot of good people and $$$ for nothing.
    #2.This whole segment of this episode cannot be spun by anyone with an ounce of sanity. Pelosi is a complete shit head.
    2a. Although an open thread I do believe byd has repeated some talking points inappropriately.
    #3. Yeah I think Huck captures this one pretty well. Dominoes falling make a sound. Although I appreciate Obama likely believes he’s done the right thing and that he must keep the cheerleader pom poms handy,things are not good at all.

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