Robert Reich…little man with an even smaller clue…


Robert Reich, the former DoL hobbit has an article out that attempts to belittle Mitt Romney’s ideas on fixing the economy. The problem I see with Reichs too little ,much stupid response to a Romney Op-Ed is that it fails to look at the complete list of ideas Mitt has for the economy in a rush to keep playing for his team.That team being the Keynesian wet dream team that is ruining Americas future.

Reich also slips when, as he continues to falsely rant the “wet noodle” mantra he acknowledges Romney as the most credible 2012 Presidential candidate primarily due to economic issues.




  1. bvilleyellowdog says:

    Teflon Mitt seems to be the top choice of the GOP POTUS nomination in 2012. What a pathetic choice – but the others are worse. Palin? Gingrich? Sanatorium? Barbour? Demint? What a joke. Colbert or SNL should sign them all up. Although Tina did Sarah better than Sarah did. Mitt couldn’t buy the nomination last time.

  2. Alfie says:

    Well we obviously differ in opinion byd.
    Romney is smart to go to a strength and a line that is better than fear mongering. Focusing on the economy…mmm I seem to remember another candidate doing that once…
    I’m biased but I obviously think “pathetic” is out of touch.
    As for

    Mitt couldn’t buy the nomination last time.

    What would you say was the #1 reason? I say the religion issue and this time around that has to be a no gamer given the sitting POTUS

  3. Elric66 says:

    Yes moron, it was all because he is a Mormom. Actually the biggest reason was because of Huckabee and Juan McVain

  4. Alfie says:

    See E66 here’s a classic example of how you could’ve made a decent comment but you shit the bed with the moron bit.
    When you do that you paint someone else as a moron dude and it isn’t me.

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